Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year's resolution finish all UFO's

Maybe that's more of a New Year's goal. Can I really be resolute enough to finish all my UFO's if I continue to add or consider adding projects to my plate?

I guess we will see. A short update on the last to do list. F's quilt is actually dad's quilt. It's quilted and only needs to be bound and cleaned. DS quilt has been cut. All other kids' tops are complete and need quilting. Winter wall hanging top is complete.

It's now Jan. 11. By Jan. 18, I will have completed Dad's binding and started quilting one other child's top. I will also have at least 2 blocks for DS quilt top done.

Moving on to more important items... My observations/self-reflections while quilting. I have come to a revelation. No, not about projects and how I have too many of them, thank you very much. About how I'm stubborn. Wait, don't laugh yet.

My kids have come by their "learn their own lessons the hard way" mentality naturally. I've read the articles, posts, blogs. I've seen the television shows and tutorials but no matter what, even though I think, "that's good to know, I'll do that," I don't do that. In fact, I do the exact opposite and have to learn my lesson the hard way. Just like someone else, who posted the tutorial had to.

For example, I remember reading or seeing that one should have a quilting plan in place when they start quilting. Sounds logical, right? So please explain to me why I've taken my 3rd quilt to the frame without any idea what to do until it's sitting rolled up and waiting. AND try to convince me, while you're at it, that I actually really like the results of the quilting which was unplanned.

No? Well, I can't convince myself either. I don't dislike my quilting, I just can't say it's made me extremely proud of myself yet. Maybe I'm being too critical but hey, that's my perogative, right?

Alright, so, the next time my child doesn't listen to the sage advise I offer about how it's easier or makes more sense to follow a different path to finishing homework or anything else, I should probably try to remember the little revelation I posted today.

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