Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm in love...with a dog. (Part 2) -NQR

Part 1
After moving off J's lap, Sasha wandered over to S and plopped down for a bit. Then to P. When we thought she'd make her way back to me, she headed straight back to J.

While on some level I was sad this 10wk pup just snubbed me, rationally I was okay with it. One goal was to get a pup that wouldn't compete with Buddy for mom's and dad's attention. I wanted a pup that would align itself more with the kids. We left, brought Buddy back to meet her and frankly, they could have cared less about each other. Just wandered around, didn't bother each other, etc. We took Sasha home the same day. Look how sad she looked but how well she and J look together! (PS - another note, the shelter takes the pups in, cleans em up, gives them their first set of shots, etc. She was healthy when we brought her home.)

After a couple days, well, her TRUE nature started to surface. She suckered me right in. She was full of pep and sass and wouldn't venture far from my side. Poor Buddy had competition for attention now. Still, we managed to handle it and we have become quite the family. Sasha still follows me almost everywhere. She still harasses Buddy and she still loves the kids but she has def. become Mom's dog. I look at her and think she's beautiful. I'm charmed by her every day and while I laugh cause she tries to get away with things, I also think I do a pretty decent job of holding her to the rules.

As it stands now, she needs to be challanged and hubby and I have decided to start looking into training her to hunt. I am seriously thinking of starting to hunt also so I can keep growing this bond of ours. It would be nice to be the lead for Sasha on the hunts DH does with the Wounded Warriors. I don't know, we'll see but either way, can you really fault me for falling in love?

And just so you know, Buddy's not just a supporting character here. He's just as cute and loveable!

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