Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2nd OST challenge block complete

This is the second block from my OST group challenge.

Here's the thing. Since I only have block pictures for all my blocks, I'm designing and measuring myself. This block gave me fits. The last block gave me fits. Between this and the hand piecing and the frogging and the re-piecing, I've grown very dissatisfied with hand piecing.

I know it's not the piecing that's the problem but it takes me longer to see errors and fix them and that's really discouraging. So, I've decided the rest of the blocks will be machine stitched but I since I will still have to figure out measurents and such, I'm still testing and working a new skill (or maybe I should say an old rusty one - MATH!)

While a bit off kilter and with a non-planned added border strip, here's the block. The first block can be seen here, if you'd like.

Cheers! Beck

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