Saturday, June 6, 2009

a little progress, a math question & a new boo-boo

A little progress: I finished sewing my strips & cutting my blocks for Old Red Barn's sew along. Next week we learn what to do to put them together, I assume it will be a rail fence type of piecing. I have 36, 12 1/4" blocks. That will make for a nice size lap quilt with or without borders. Unless something really bad happense in my piecing, I believe this pretty and soft floral will go to some worthy charity.

Now, my boo-boo is a 3" x 1/4" burn from my iron. I was moving fabric on the ironing board but failed to move the iron I had hovering out of the way. My left arm met the iron and I burned myself. DUH! Still, doesn't require anything but some aloe every now and then so no complaints.

Finally, my math question. Working on DD's quilt. She wants a print centered on the back with solid framing it all the way around. IF,

quilt top = 82"l x 50"w,
print for back = 42 1/2"l x 36 1/2"w,

and I want to sew length strips of solid first & width strips of solid last, I will need to cut,
from solid for back: 2, 42 1/2"l x 7 1/4"w and 2, 20 1/4"l x 50"w strips.

Is this math correct? Somehow, I always think I have it and then I screw it up.


Tracy said...

If the centered print and final dimensions are the unfinished sizes of 42.5x36.5 and 82x50, then you'll cut 42.5x7.50 and 50x20.5. If all of your measurements are the finished sizes, it looks like you got the math correct!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

thanks Tracy. As it turned out, I did not have the math correct but I was able to get it sewed up nicely regardless. Next step, loading the quilt on the frame and start quilting! :)

connie said...


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