Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Because

I'm posting just because it's November and I haven't posted yet. I'm posting because I have something I've been wanting to tell you, it's on the tip of my tongue, but I have forgotten what it is for the last 9 days.

My mother wants me to believe it's an early onset of senility but since I'll only be 36 this Dec., I think she's just trying to make her own forgetfulness seem less noticeable. HA! She's not going to fool me.

I guess, instead of anything overly insightful, I'll have to do this instead. The following is my sewingin/quilting to do list before the end of December, but most before Christmas.

"DBD" = Due By Date.

DSS Bed Quilt (never completed last year for too many reasons to mention here) - DBD 12/31/09 - halfway through paper-piecing 15.5" blocks. The last post on this was is here.

SIL bed quilt - DBD 12/24/09 - must start cutting this week. This Jinny Beyer Shimmering Sea pattern is what it will look like except I will add an applique over the center of a celtic knot tatoo she has on her foot. I'm still unsure if it will be fantastic or ruin the piecing but it was a combined element we came up with to make it personal to her.

Breast Cancer Awareness Quilt - DBD 11/13/09 - finish label, add label, mail.

Dog Jackets - DBD 11/18/09 - cut out, need to sew.

DH Quilt - DBD 12/20/09 - need to cut still.

Wallet/Business Card Holder - DBD 12/24/09 - Make 2, one set for me and one for my GF.

Godmother's wall hanging - DBD 12/18/09 - this one is optional so it may be put off for later. We will see.

So there you have it. My to do so far. As I look at it, it seems manageable. I think, however, the hardest part will get the two bed quilts done b/c they are both paper-pieced and large sized. I have to kick butt this month so Dec. can be quilting them only. When I think of it that way, I get myself a little frazzled!

Clock is ticking...


GARI said...

I guess we won't be hearing much from you until sometime in late December, huh? lol

Barb said...

Oh do have alot to do but i have faith that you can get it all done and hopefully, we will see pictures after the person receives the gifts.

I am giving away a Ginger jar quilt...come on over is you have the time.