Monday, December 7, 2009


per my previous post, I'm seriously pondering the feasibility of making cookies on the grill or how long it would take in a 190 degree oven to bake.

Any words of wisdom?


Traci said...

I would suggest a toaster oven! We've used it to bake cookies, biscuits just about anything you can do in an oven, save for the turkey! And they are usually pretty inexpensive. My DH got 4 for $15 apeice at Amazon a few years ago.

Good Luck!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

thanks Traci. I have a Toaster Oven but due to lack of kitchen space here, left it in VA. I didn't want to buy another but will do that if my experiment today fails. I'm going to try cookies in the oven - bakeing at 190 degress until done and see how long it takes. As long as it's one temperature, slow-cooking should work, right?