Monday, April 19, 2010

HELLO AGAIN! Paducah anyone?

Alright, I'm back. I have officially spent 2 weeks working from my VA home, missing my children and doggies, packing up a 5 bedroom house, organizing utility turn off, garbage pick ups, goodwill pickups (that didn't happen), Uhaul pickups, supervising crappy movers packing the trucks and then a 650 mile drive from No. VA to Clarksville, TN in one of the said UHaul trucks on a day where I proceeded to be ill for about 1/2 the day. Made the trip about 2 hours longer than normal. BLAH!

I returned Friday. Spent some time with the family and the hubs who did a great job while I was gone dealing with my tasks AND having a clean home for me when I returned. He took kids to soccer, boyscouts, an ER visit for a broken finger, an orthopedic visit for said finger, 2 appts. for the dog with a leg injury, soccer games on the weekend, and other misc. items. He felt ill for a portion of it and we had another ill kid at the same time. So, we joked that God felt he should get a taste of everything in one fell swoop since more often than not over the years, the homefront has always been my domain. He was a champ, though. I had no doubt he'd manage and I'm very proud of him. :-) Good man.

Sat. he worked with movers to unload our trucks into storage for the time being. (We are currently in a fully furnished rental.) I took kids to soccer and a boyscout event.  Then, we chilled. Necessarily. Sunday, the same. Just chilled. I was going to post yesterday but decided I had to post something sewing related so I quickly sewed the 2 pinwheel blocks I missed in my quilt-along while I was gone. I still have 2 more to do but well, here are the first ones.

Now, about Paducah. I'm going. I'm taking Friday off of work and going. Is there anyone who will be there this week and on Friday? Maybe we can meet for some lunch or even dessert. There's a boyscout troop that sells the best strawberry shortcake. It's super refreshing! Anyone? I actually have some shopping plans this year. I have been waiting on restocking some supplies. Goodie, goodie! :-)

Cheers! Beck


Barb said...

Have an awesome time, sounds like you deserve it!!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Count me in Chookie!

I'll just start packing.If I leave now I'll be there Thursday night.

Glad you're back and in one piece..sort of.

Bridget B said...

Nice to see you are back among the bloggers

Quilt Nut said...

welcome back! love the quilt blocks. enjoy your time away