Thursday, December 9, 2010

The random pieced top

Okay, you convinced me to keep going with this top and I did but I didn't take your advice. I pushed through but instead of fighting it, I decided to lay off my original plan of all triangles and work in some rectangles as well. Doing this, I was able to go fairly random with the triangles but decided a little pattern of rows in the rectangles would (and did) satisfy my OCD beast.

I did NOT mess with layout much once I put it down, just let it be and sewed it together so there are some places I'd say color is too heavy than others for me but, hey, the goal was random, right?

Thanks for pushing me. I don't hate it now like I did before. I still don't like it either but at least I don't hate it. Here's what I ended up with. Still look good for a 13 year old girl? If not, I've already found another home for it far, far away from me. :-)

Cheers! Beck


Michelle said...

Yay! It's wonderful! So cheerful and interesting. Totally fabulous! Glad you pushed yourself, because even if you don't love it, it's still a fantastic quilt.

Myra said...

I am so glad you pushed on through with it. It is so bright and happy looking! I love it!!! I definitely think a 13 year old girl would too... 8-)
Hey there! Any interest in joining my PhD Challenge again this coming year? I made a separate blog for it and everything... Just a nudge here, no pressure. lol! 8-)

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I think the 13 year old girl will love it. Good on you for mixing it up and using some rectangles with the triangles because it adds a lot of visual interest.

What dont you love about it? The colours? The configuration. I'm still wrestling with the windmill quilt and I know it's because the off white makes everything look a bit insipid.

Do whatever needs to be finished to it and get it out of your house so you can work on something you do like. What's going on with the harlequin quilt?