Tuesday, May 17, 2011


That's it, today's the day to have those QAL tops posted on our FLICKR group. I know time/life got in the way for a few of you but since I had so few posters to add pictures, I think I'm going to send a little something off to each of you.

Aside from my finished top, 2 of you completed the tablerunner and posted about them. They look fantastic!
Quilting in My Pyjamas and
P at The Way I Sew It.

I flipped a coin and P, you've won the fabric. Congratulations, your reversible runner is very pretty and fun!
Quilting in My Pyjamas, I am going to send this along to you for participating and finishing your first paper-piece project! I hope it brings you a little inspiration. It's nothing too fancy or detailed but it might be fun.
And for Shevy, who I kow would have finished if life hadn't intervened in such a way as it did, I'd like to send you this little package. Please do post in the group when you do finish, I can't wait to see these fabrics put together.

If you three ladies would please email me your address, I'll get these sent out.

For those who've put up with my posts, thank you. I hope you take the pattern and make one of your own tops one day. If you do, please feel free to post it in the group so everyone can see it (or me, at least! hehe)

Cheers! Beck


John'aLee said...

You are so generous girl! And thoughtful!

P. said...

Thanks so much! You are very generous indeed, and I really appreciate you having this QAL. It helped me overcome my block about paper piecing.

Shay said...

Becks...you're so fabulously generous . Im going to have so much fun playing with this.Thankyou!

I must say I actually enjoyed the process (but not putting the wrong fabric in the wrong spot on most of my blocks )and I'll do a whole quilt at some point . Paper piecing really does give lovely results. I dont think Im quite up to a New York Beauty Block just yet but we'll see what else develops!

Shevvy said...

Ah, thank you babe. I promise faithfully that it will eventually get finished and end up in the Flickr group. Even if it takes a year, which if I only manage two blocks a week it might! When it is done it will be a true international quilt, designed in the US, made in the UK, and its final destination is a cottage in Waterford, Ireland.