Thursday, December 15, 2011

Living Room/Dog Quilts

I finished two quick quilts a couple weeks ago and revamped an old top you saw last summer. This is the old top.
It was meant to be an outdoor porch quilt but it became too cold to sit out and I just never quite quilted it. When I started creating my living room quilts (with the intention they will be pulled off the couch backs and used by the dogs to protect the couches some), I realized colors in the new tops matched the old porch top.  The only issue was that boarder on the old top so I took it off! Here's the old top now with the new border.
Here are the two new quilts.

Here's where they reside when the dogs haven't pulled them down yet. (sorry, phone's camera)

And here's the three together. Don't they match well?



Barb said...

They all look wonderful....that is one lucky dog!!

Shay said...

I'm so glad someone else makes blankets for their pooches. People think I'm mad. We can be crazy together.

They do match well, and look fabulous.

QuiltNut Creations said...

love both your quilts. that new border brings the quilt to life.