Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday. Keep it up!

We can do this over the next week, ladies (and gents).  We can continue to eat right over the holidays and here's my theory on this.  Do not deny yourself some goodies, just eat small bites. Slow down and chew them, eat less portions.  Put food on smaller plates for the portion control or if a small plate is not available, check out this trick! 
Put the napkin on the plate and hold your silverware with it while portioning your food. Even at the table, if you hold the silverware, you are less likely to move the napkin off the plate to make room for food. If you want a little of everything and it doesn't fit, plan to go back for the stuff that didn't fit, using the same trick, a second time. You are tricking yourself into eating less this way plus because you are slowing down on your eating (have to go back for seconds, etc.) you give your belly time to recognize it is full instead of hungry.

Oh, that's the other tip, stop eating when you are full. I realize we may continue to pick for taste but if you do, be honest about it and keep track of it. If you are doing that, you will find yourself picking more wisely. "I want a cookie but I'll break it in half and eat half now then half later after I have some fruit salad."

I've not exercised all week but employing the techniques above while cooking goodies and eating those meals out at parties, etc., I have lost another pound (and it's the beginning of my cycle, too so you know I'm bloated! lol).

I'm at 160.5.  A loss is a loss, no matter how small!

So are you with me? You up for good choices during the Christmas feasts? Set your goal today and stick with it but make it a realistic goal so you feel good about working toward it.

My goal over the week is to eat in moderation and for every "junk" item I pick at, have a "good" item. Keep it even.  My second goal? Start my evening drinking with water. I've learned that I don't drink as much (horror!) if I'm at a function if the first drink of the night I have is a glass of water. Then I switch to wine or the libation du jour and I find I'm more likely to nurse it than drink it expediently and get a prompt refill.  Hey, sometimes (in those 8 hour gatherings) it's the difference between 3 glasses of wine and 6. LOL (but, if I choose to get loopy, well, I will balance that with healthier foods and not the sweets)

For me, these are reasonable goals and I think I can stick with them. It's not as good as Jillian Michaels would have me do (who I think would turn over at my warped method of weight loss) but I can do it.  So what are your goals?


(ps - did you notice I did not have a goal about maintaining or losing this week? It's all about staying choice conscious.)


rubyslipperz said...

Thank you...THANK YOU...for so many great tips. The "napkin/fork" on the plate for dishing up is great!

I've been bad this week and last. I'm up 2 lbs =(. I'm still trying not to let it ALL go down hill. With all the junk food I lose energy and feel really crappy. It's harder to get on the treddy and do a lot of stuff. Yesterday...I vowed off of all "goodies". I did eat a good size bowl of popcorn in the evening. But, I'm off sugar. I feel a bit better today. Thanks for doing Weigh-In Wednesdays. I weigh on Saturdays...but, I LUV your tips...and knowing you are working on similar goals. =)


Zegi said...

Well I haven't weighed myself in over a week because I am scared of what it will tell me. I guess I know what it will say - stop eating so much junk! But I am still exercising 4-5 days a week.

Issabella The Cat said...

I don't weigh myself, I stopped when I got down to a UK12 (I'm not sharing what I was when I started!) but at 5 2" I still have a way to go. My plan is to relax over christmas and new year. If I over indulge I plan to add 10 mins onto the rowing machine the next day, to keep on an even keel but still allow myself to enjoy the holidays :D

Kay Lynne said...

Thank you for all the tips. Now I need to get started :)