Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Progress. A little at at time.

Today's post isn't about words, it's about pictures.  Today, I'm posting a picture of a few of the projects I've got going on.  I have been restless lately b/c I want to quilt my Swoon quilt but am waiting for batting to arrive. I thought I had it when I loaded the quilt but nope!
Anyway, I've finished a block from the Little Birdie stitch a long. I haven't cleaned away the markings or pressed it yet but you can still take a look.
I've finished a couple more of these blocks for the Jinny Beyer UFO I have hanging out there.
I've been making up a pattern using my Wee Woodland jelly roll.  This is as far as I've gotten. Before I start stitching crazy angled fabric, I'm sitting on it. I am not sure I want to have the angled fabric strips coming off the middle square or if I want to have it hang in each side. We'll see. It's not a project for any purpose other than playing with pushing myself to be creative so no hurry.

Finally, I've made some progress on my son's Monopoly quilt, which also is a "make it up as you go" design.  However, I am pretty sure that even if I don't like the finished product, he will and that's all that's important. Regardless, so far I don't dislike it or like it but it is growing on me. :-)

So, what are you up to? How does your progress look?

Last little thought, I had a nice Mother's Day. Kids were helpful with some house items (like moving boxes out of the garage) that I really wanted done and we cooled off with ice cream at a local stand.  Thanks kids!


ShirleyC said...

I've never seen a monopoly quilt! That is awesome!

Shay said...

The Monopoly quilt is tickling my fancy. It looks great.

You have a lot of different and diverse things going on Missy.

You can pop on over here and grab some bating. I have about 20 metres of it in the cupboard !

Susan Entwistle said...

I love that crazy angled thing you've got going on. We must meet up at QU and you have to bring a block of that with you. I'm addicted already!

QuiltNut Creations said...

That Monopoly quilt is just too fun! Love all the projects you have on the go. The Swoon is looking fantastic.