Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weigh-In Weds. - Natural vs. Processed

For today's weigh in post, I will tell you I'm still at about 160lbs.  I'm an ass, waiting to exercise, the day is done... not doing it. I've asked hubs last night to wake me early when he leaves for work and not let me go back to sleep.  I told him he was allowed to use whatever nasty words were necessary to get me on the elliptical before he's out of the house.   For being a retired Command Sergeant Major in the Army, he is unable to do this.

Well, let me clarify. He can't do it to me, his wife.  I love he respects me so much he doesn't want to try to, um, motivate me like he might have some soldiers but I need someone to motivate me like that! lol

So, do me a favor, if you leave a comment, will you please remind me as nicely or as harshly as your hormones will allow (I can take it) that I have to get my rear up and exercising int he morning because this procrastination crap just ain't cutting it?!  Thank you in advance.  I can take it, I promise. :-)

On another note, I've spoke a bit about it before, natural foods vs. processed foods.  Everyone talks about how fast food is bad, junk food is bad, etc. It's only recently that you've started hearing about why (or at least, I've started hearing about why) but I've caught myself wondering why I, who I think is averagely smart (okay maybe not if I create a word "averagely" but you understood what I was trying to say so I think it works), didn't connect the dots in the first place.

Processed food = chemicals.  Natural food = no chemicals.

right?  You knew that but have you yet put 2 and 2 together and realized your body is natural. Nature created us and nature created how we process energy and waste.

What do chemicals do in your body? They change the way it works or trick it's natural process into working inefficiently or differently.

I came across this video the other day, linked from one of the blogs I read, and I sat down and listened. It's a bit lengthy and wordy but it echoed how I've been thinking and feeling about food for quite some time.  I do not (and likely won't) subscribe to the program and I'm not saying I endorse what they do or don't do. I'm just linking the video because it's easier than typing out my thoughts. lol

Beyond Diet

That said, I want to challenge you this week.
First, sit down for few minutes and think about what your typical dinners look like at home.  Is it meatloaf, instant potatoes and canned green beans? Is it frozen shrimp, pasta and jarred alfredo sauce? Is it salad, steak and baked potato? Is it carry out, order in, or fast food?  All of the above?

Second, ask yourself what you can change to make it healthier.  Chances are, you will see a lot if you are thinking processed vs. natural. Get rid of instant potatoes and mash fresh potatoes, for example.  Get rid of carry out, order in and fast food due to the high salt and fat contents, for example.  Make your own alfredo instead of using a jarred one.

Third, now that you've taken a look at you typical diet and the areas you are sabatouging yourself without realizing it. Take a deep breath and ask this next question, is it realistic for me to make these changes all at once?

I'm betting that answer is "no". It was for me, at least. I can't cut out the order in AND get rid of my convenience meals in the same week, b/c I haven't gotten into the groove for cooking every night.

Figure out what you can change THIS week and keep doing next week. Then what can you add as a change next week?

For instance, can you get frozen veggies instead of canned if fresh veggies are not available?  If you have a farmer's market, make it a family outing and get some fresh veggies.   Roast them or steam them or use them in a casserole, whatever.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Even the labels of low fat, natural, organic... you have to be careful. Read the ingredient list.  How natural is it, really?

In today's society, not everyone has access to or the ability to eat a 100% natural diet without a lot of effort but there are things you and I can do to put us in the land of our diets being a majority natural.  Eventually. It's a slow process and you will need to have patience with it, you will FEEL better, you will TEACH your tastes to change.  Start putting flavorful herbs in your foods (I bought lemon thyme and am growing it, surprisingly, and add it to my seafood dishes now to help cut on the need for salt, etc.)

I come back again to saying, if you don't have handy access to growing herbs, veggies, etc. Plan your menu for the week and head out to market. Get only those foods/ingredients.  The staples you keep in your home should not be Twinkies for snacks. It should be dried banana chips. lol Is that realistic?  Maybe for me, but hubs hates it. We compromise with Sun Chips for him and the kids. I don't like them so I'm less likely to steal them and munch.  

That reminds me tell the family what you are doing, enlist their help!  How to enlist? tell them they can help and have say about what the menu is or you choose and they just have to deal. You'd be surprised at how willing they are to help and you will be teaching them and yourself about natural vs processed, how bad is it, etc. when looking at whether it's the right message to send your child in purchasing the Pop-Tarts for breakfast.

Okay, I know it's starting to sound a little preachy, I don't mean that. I'm just throwing out the thoughts that have rattled in my head a lot lately and what I've done with my family.  My teens now just eat whatever (the benefit of being a teenager, hungry means eat, period) so they don't get involved unless they have a craving for something.  My husband was harder to bring around until I told him I found it discouraging to try to make a healthy and like-able family meal and his first comments were negative without even trying it.  I also pointed out it didn't matter that when he did try it he liked it, it just made it hard to stay encouraged to do the right thing.  :) That worked! Now he just comes home and tries it. Mostly likes it but even if he doesn't, he just eats it. He's started putting in requests now. steak, chicken, tilapia and I've added mine to him... wild boar, elk, bass.  I tell him to go get the truly organic stuff!  lol

And that, my friends, is what I'll leave you with today.  Have a great hump day!


Now, if you've read this far, the new Burger King commercials with David Beckham and the smoothies just make me laugh. Here's a couple to view that will hopefully make you laugh,t oo:  (This one is my favorite.)


P. said...

I'm glad you put your thoughts out there. I agree that people should be eating less processed and more real. I have not always had that strong of an opinion, even as recently as six or seven years ago. Fortunately, I have always enjoyed cooking, so that wasn't an obstacle to overcome, in and of itself. For a lot of people, it may be, but not an insurmountable one. I like your idea of baby steps, frozen vs. canned, progressing to knowing what to do with fresh stuff from the farmer's market. For me, it took having to give up gluten, then dairy to make more changes, then eating less sugar for the past year. I also was directed to a few "primal" or "paleo" websites and liked what I read there (heavy emphasis on real, basic, nutrient-dense food). I doubt I'll ever be 100% in that camp, but I'm probably about 75% at this point.

And as much as I would love to go along with your suggestion to provide verbal motivation, I just can't do that to a stranger. One thing I wonder, are you a morning person? Because no amount of ragging would make me want to get out of bed and exercise first thing. But I can easily walk on a treadmill while I watch prime time TV, or listen to music while I walk around the neighborhood in the cool of the evening. For me, it is all about where I can sneak it in so it doesn't feel like drudgery or one more "to-do" on the list.

Well, this is far too long, but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts. Oh, okay, maybe I will quote my 7th grade teacher: "I don't want excuses, I want results!" Does that help? LOL

Ida said...

If your ass isn't moving, your ass is growing wider!

That's one of my favorite thoughts. It certainly does motivate me. :)

Quiet Quilter said...


Kate said...

Lots of food for thought. You are making changes and enlisting help, so even if you are not getting to the exercise every day, at least you are doing something.

I have to agree with P., maybe trying to work out in the morning doesn't jive with your daily rthym. Of course, I've yet to find an excercise time that works with mine.

Quilt+Bitch said...

Hi Sarcastic Quilter,

Get a dog. I've heard that getting a dog will force you to get up and walk the dog. Even if it is just a small walk, you're moving.

The question is, are you overweight or do you just feel overweight? I am small, but my metabolism has decreased over the last year or so. Even though I am small, I feel big (my friends thinks I'm crazy). It's the mind playing tricks on me.

Talking about food, processed and natural. We try to cook instead of going out to eat. This cuts down on the "unknown" factor in restaurant food. We do include some process food in our meals, but that's only because I'm too lazy to make a sauce.

Our 89 year old neighbor also encourages me to cook so that we can share our food with him. Whenever we cook, we make sure we have enough to bring it over to him. This means, that I have to put on my chef hat and make sure it is a healthy meal.

Little motivations like these, whether from a dog, spouse or other people in your life allows you to make little strides towards your goal.


Peg said...

Really enjoyed reading, however don't fill yourself to overflow with articles from here there and everywhere otherwise literacy indigestion sets in.
I used to be an athletic alrounder, county netballer (I'm in the UK), and played and ran netball in my local county league until I was 32yrs when illness then disability struck.

Food wise I still do some cooking on good days plus Mr B has discovered the joys of cooking and 98% of our food is fresh or brought in fresh and frozen if necessary. He is at this moment in the kitchen making quiches, then he's going on to make some beef in blackbean sauce and freeze it. He wants me to teach him how to make bread from fresh ingredients later.

Nothing like it but I fully understand that for some people to make a meal from scratch with fresh ingredients is a bit daunting when you've just put in an 8hr shift in a hospital, office or shop etc. You can still have your fast food days, spend one day batch cooking, split into portions and freeze, you just take it out of the freezer either in the morning or if it's possible you can still microwave it from frozen.

I think changing over from processed to natural is a gradual process, your body will rebel for awhile.

I wish you well with it, I agree with the others perhaps morning isn't your good time for exercise. I'm not a morning person at all for me late mid morning was the best time.

If by chance you're reading this in bed, put the l/top down turn back the covers and slowing force yourself out of bed. I don't do shouting in the mornings and most important, enjoy your day :o)

Great blog by the way sorry for the essay.

Peg x

tara said...

I used to eat a donut a day. Right before work. I decided to eat better and cut out processed sugary food. It wasnt as hard as i thought. I dont miss it.
I hate to exercise too but a group of friends road cycle and ive caught the bug. I might even enter into a smaller race (next year!)
Good luck. Ps, i cant tell you how great i feel after cutting out crap

felice said...

Okay for motivation...I think this idea was originally Richard Simmons exercise guru. For each pound you have lost keep a package of butter (empty of course) but since it is a pound of fat it will let you see how far you have come at a glance. I suppose one could keep a second pile of empty lb butter boxes to show your goal loss and then you can move it from one pile to another. I think when trying to lose weight it is easy to short change ourselves with what has already been accomplished. Good luck!

Helen said...

Wow I like the butter idea!!

Just wondered if you knew your comments thingie for the SMS had been closed? Couldn't comment and oh so sad...

QuiltNut Creations said...

Such a great post and so very true. I joined the gym in March, was just starting to see some changes when I had surgery; I've been gym-less for 6 weeks and it is killing me that I can't go back yet. But I think it may have been the best thing because I can not wait to go back. I'm shocked at how much I have missed it.

Live a Colorful Life said...

This was a great post. I really need to eat healthier and get moving. I think about it all the time. But that's about as much effort as I have been putting into it. :(