Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy New Year

I have so many things I want to share with you all but I've been such a blogging slacker that every time I thought of blogging, I felt overwhelmed with trying to "catch up".

I sat down yesterday and organized the things I wanted to share.  Would you believe, it's not that much? Why is it that list in your head is always so much larger than the one in reality?

Anyway, it made me realize I could

  1. Catch you up on what I was doing quilt/sewing wise last year 
  2. Tell you if I met my quilt-y goals for last year and my goals for this year
  3. Share with you a little on my continued journey to health and fitness
Probably all within a few posts, too.  With luck, January will be about catching up and Feb. will be about sharing current events and completions.   

My first catch up share from last year?  Well, it was swaps! I participated in several swaps (mini quilt, mug rug, sweet pouch and blocks).  I also donated a couple blocks to people who requested them.  If you have not participated in any online swaps, I would highly recommend it.  You meet new people, it's fun to try to build something special for your partner and the anticipation of receiving something just for you is exciting. Plus, these swap groups always have pictures and discussions and the creativity you see is just inspiring! Oh, and they are quick projects.  The best!  

So, these are the swaps I've sent and received this year which have not already been shared on the blog.  

Blocks donated to the DC MQG for kitchen sink charity quilts:
Blocks donated to a couple friends to help them make quilts for someone in need:

I participated in a Sweet Pouch Swap.  I made a pouch using Patchwork Place's Hoo-Ha Pouch tutorial and sent it off to my partner in Latvia. I filled it with sweet goodies and a couple silly little stocking stuffer type things.   

This is the cute little pouch and the goodies that I received from her.  :)
Lastly, I participated in the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap.  This was the hardest swap for me all year.  It was a blind partner swap, which is usually fun but this one was so challenging. I checked out my assigned partner's work and it was great. I felt like I needed to come up with something truly unique that incorporated several of her "likes" for styles.  Oh my, oh my, oh my, it was all in my own head but I still pondered and pondered.  Finally, inspiration hit.  I adapted a block/quilt pattern for a mini and made what I hoped would be a true modern quilt with linear inspiration and a teeny tiny bit of whimsy.  I think I did it and am so proud of what I made up.  She liked it, and really, that's ALL that matters. :-)
The mini I received came from a quilter who, and I love it, took my comment that I liked primary colors to heart.  This mini hangs proudly in my line of sight in my sewing room. Hooray!
I hope last year treated you all well and I hope this new year is full of promise and success!



Shay said...

Looking forward to seeing you back and blogging a little bit more regularly . I miss you!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

some lovely projects there!