Monday, April 28, 2008

Paducah Quilt Show

I made it out to Paducah, KY not once this past weekend but twice and still did not stop at all the places which existed to shop and show quilts. The first day was spent looking at the contest winners and other quilt entries as well as shopping in the main building. Some beautiful work, painstakingly detailed work! The second day, DH said he'd come along so I only spent about a 1/2 day there but it was productive. I found fabric for a quilt for DD as well as some fabric for a friend's DD who is making her first communion in May. I plan to make a quillow for her so I'm thrilled. To top it off, I was also able to pick up a stitch regulator for my Voyager sewing machine. This should help me a little with those angles and such on my quilting designs.

The show was indeed huge. That entire area of the city seemed to be taken over with quilters and vendors and I'm sure it's BIG business for Paducah itself since many of these people stay in hotels and eat at the local restauarants. I don't know how long this show has been in Paducah but I can say that it appears it will be there for a while to come.

I'm glad I went. I had a good time and didn't spend too much. It's a blessing to have to fly back home b/c then I weighed each prospective purchase with the desire (or lack thereof) to carry the item home. Most of the time, I was uninterested in the extra weight. I'm sure DH is thankful for that!

Until next time... B

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