Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Minion Mini Swap 2015 (Instagram Swap)


We are glad you have taken an interest in this swap. Bear with us, we are going to start with the negative so we can end with the positive.   

First and foremost, this is an Instagram only, blind (you won't know who's making for you) mini quilt swap for US (APO/FPO) participants only.  If you are interested in a broader swap or an international swap, rest easy, @ninjadesigns (IG handle) is hosting an international minion craft swap with sign-ups on 7/31.

Please read the following carefully.  We realize these may sound harsh and to an extent, that’s our intent. It’s no fun for anyone when recipients don’t receive packages or when the volunteer swap mamas have to track down senders, etc.  At the end of the day, it’s about simple courtesy and respect. While we assume everyone participating has it and extends is, unfortunately, sometimes, people lose sight of it.  We promise to respect you and what’s happening with you so long as you promise to respect us and help us make this a stress-free and fun swap. Really, it’s about minions so how can we not keep it stress free? 

  1. You must have an active and public IG account through the duration of the swap and have an active email your swap mama may contact you with (email will not be disclosed to any other participants.)
  2. You may only sign up for yourself.  You may NOT sign up for anyone or anything.
  3. Take note, there are MANDATORY reply/update requirements.
    • You must respond to your swap mama, when requested, within 48 hours
    • You must post pictures or a mosaic by July 31
    • You must post with a plan of attack/idea and/or fabric pulls by Aug. 31
    • You must post an update on your progress by Sept. 30
    • You must provide notification of when you shipped your mini and all packages must have tracking (sending Priority mail is usually the cheapest way to get tracking) - Shipping may begin on 11/7 and the last ship date is 11/14
    • You must provide notification of when your mini is received by posting a received photo on IG and tagging your partner and swap mama
  4. Swappers will be assigned partners with comparable skill levels.
  5. Mini quilt cannot be smaller than 16”x16” or larger than 24”x24”
  6. Extras are fun and seem to be a regular part of swaps these days but first and foremost, they are not required nor should they be expected. If you send extras that is your choice but please understand you might not receive any. Everyone’s budgets are different. To that end, should you desire to send extras, please respect the maximum $20 threshold. We want this to be about your creative, not buying, genius.
  7. Smokers MUST pre-wash their mini quilt prior to sending to their recipient.
  8. All photos must be tagged using the hashtag #minionminiquiltswap
Sign-ups are open until 11:59pm ET, Sat. 7/18 or until 100 people sign up, whichever comes first. We reserve the right to re-open or extend sign ups at our discretion.

Are you ready to sign up? Please click HERE to complete the form. 

If you need minion meme ideas take a look at Karie’s IG feed, she’s been posting one a day for the last six months. She claims she has not repeated any of them but if you find a repeat between 6 months ago and today, 7/15, I will make you an extra goodie!

Kan pai!
Becky (@sarcasticquilter) and Karie (@karie_twokwikquilters)

Disclaimer: We will be reviewing the “naughty swappers” list and using our discretion regarding participation. We want everyone to be able to enjoy this swap. Lack of communication with the swap mamas or not sending minis at all may find your name added to the “naughty swappers” list.  Truthfully though, we are reasonable people. If you work with us and communicate about what’s up, we will work with you. If not, we reserve the right to note publically on IG or privately on the list when/if we can’t reach you, you flake for no reason, or you sign up anyone or anything besides yourself.