Thursday, September 1, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

This Friday's favorite things is dedicated to the things I've missed, and missed, and missed...

And missed...

in our rental homes the last 2 years.

Such as, a decent sized shower with a perfect spray and a hot water heater that has the hot water at the ready almost the minute it's turned on.  Ahh, heaven! Only second best way to wake up after a great cup of coffee.

Also, a decent sized refrigerator that actually holds its temperature.  Nice, cold, soda and longer lasting food.

I can't forget, a GAS RANGE!  Oh my, how did I miss this. I cannot wait to cook more often b/c I can regulate the heat temperature to my satisfaction.  I was able t function with an electric range but it's just not the same.

Oh, and most of all, reliable INTERNET!  YESSSSSS!!!  I now have Verizon FIOS and have to say, I'm loving it.  It means I'll be back online more again and browsing (of course, this will be after unpacking our stuff. lol). 

And finally, with the internet comes the abiltiy to connect with XBox live and play an online game my sister hooked me on last summer.  "Call of Duty, Black Ops"
The rating on this game is "M for Mature.  Blood and Gore, Intense Violence and Strong Language."  

I'm a bad ass.

Well, I wish I was a bad ass. Mostly, I die and start havign uncontrllable spells in which the only word in my vocabulary is generally one word. "Fucker, Fucker, Fuck (wait, here I extend my vocabulary), I shot him how did he manage to kill me?" Then, "Fucker". 

All the while, I'm having a blast (or being blasted, depending on how you look at it).  I am so bad at this game, my screen name had to be appropriate. I pondered calling myself EasyTarget or Blood Donor but just didn't like them. Finally, I settleed on BornToDie33.  It fits. I resurrect in the game and promptly die.

So, here's the the things I've missed and the beginning of having them again!

But, sigh, I will miss this, which is not at our new home. One day, I'll have it all... -wink-

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Cheers! Beck