Friday, May 27, 2011

And the WINNER is...

Thanks to, the winner chosen between 1 and 159 is #53.

This is JESSICA!

"Jessica said...

What a beautiful quilt! I've always wanted one!
I have never been to a crafting class or retreat, but would love to. I'm just learning how to sew and would love to learn new techniques!

Thanks a lot!
May 23, 2011 10:18 PM"

Congratulations, Jessica! I'll be contacting you through email to finalize the details of sending you the quilt. (I'd post a final picture here but blogger and my camera are not friends today so it will be posted soon.)

Thank you for all the comments and compliments I received during the giveaway,  I enjoyed reading them all!

Cheers, Beck

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weigh-In Weds. -- I got nothing

Looking for the giveaway, it's the next post down or GO HERE.

So, no weight gained or lost this week for all the same lame arse reasons previously listed. That's the good and bad of it.   I saw the Biggest Loser Winner on the Today show this morning and have to say, I felt like crap because she said all the right things about it being an internal change in your mentality and recognizing your body and it's needs. I just wanted to punch her.  Then she said, "it takes time, it took a long time to get on and takes a long time to get off."  Okay, I didn't want to punch her anymore and can honestly say, well done her!  lol

I don't have a new recipe for you either so I'm going to link you to an old standby. This chicken sandwich is a favorite for the summer.

Cheers! Beck

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! I'm in.

Sew Mama Sew is at it again! I just made the sign up last week and I'm thrilled I'm not missing my chance to participate this year.  I hope my entry is enticing and I do ship internationally.

There are 3 different giveaways going on and you can link to them here.
Handcrafted Items
Handcrafted Items + Supplies
Sewing + Knitting Supplies/Materials

My entry is the following quilt. It is currently on the frame and I'm finalizing the quilting so I will update the photos with a finished picture tonight, hopefully.  For now, you can take a look at the top.  This measures approximately 44"x51". Perfect as a lap quilt for reading on the porch or for a toddler's quilt.

This was my participation quilt for the SQ Paper-piece Quilt along that just ended. I was going to call it Sun Over the Pyramid since that was what the hubs named it and it was better than anything I came up with. However, after seeing the news of the tornado in Joplin, MO, I can't call it that. It's much more like a tornado streaking a path and the sun shining on both sides of the devestation.  At least to me. So, I'm going to call this The Sun Still Shines. Now really, if you have a name suggestion, and you are the winner, I'll label it with your suggestion. I do not feel my name has to be the one you have to live with since it's not finished yet.

So how to do this?
First, say a prayer or send good thoughts for those in Joplin. They need all the good will that can be spared.
Second, leave me a comment and answer these 2 questions (really, I would love to read your answers):

1) What was your favorite thing about the last quilt retreat (or class) you attended?
2) What was your least favorite thing about the last quilt retreat (or class) you attended?
If you haven't attended any, please answer what you are interested in for a retreat (or class).

And just because, if you are a follower, leave me a second comment letting me know you follow and I'll give you a bonus entry.  This is not required, just an extra chance.

The chance to enter closes at midnight ET on May 26. I will announce the winner  later that day.
OH! and before I forget, if you do not have a blog or if you have your security settings set so that your email is not linked off your blog, PLEASE leave me your email so I may reach you if you win.  I will reply to every commentor here acknowledging entry so if you don't leave me an email in your comment and you don't get a reply, you may want to check your settings and reach back out. 

You can leave your email as janesmith  (at) iwanttowin  (dot) come  to avoid auto spammers.

Good luck in the drawing and thank you for stopping by. The winner will be drawn using
Cheers! Beck

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A progress post - Dr. Seuss

Everyone likes progress pictures, right?

Well here are a few for you. This quilt is coming along quickly so far, which is great, because I have to have it completed (quilted and bound) BY June 10.  That's my college reunion and I am gifting this quilt to a great friend (more like a brother) of mine's 1 year old son with a couple Dr. Seuss books (that my girlfriends are also adding to).  It's one of the few quilts I've ever made where I'm staying true to pattern and fabric line. 

Here's where I'm at so far, I've cut all the fabrics and strarted sewing the strips together.

I cut out the circles and because I read someone's blog somewhere who had a pretty cool quilt with applique on it, I took an extra step I've never tried before. It's supposed to make the applique a little more durable plus add a little dimension. I also cut out same size muslin pieces and sewed them to the circles, right side together.  Then I cut a small slit in the muslin and turned them right side out.  I used one of those wooden quilting tools to push out the seams and then I pressed them flat. Finally, I cut steam a seam to size and ironed the circles onto the fabric strip they needed to be on.

Now, I'm using another new technique for me, blanket stitching on my machine.  I've zig-zagged raw edge applique and have had a preference for that up until this quilt. I just didn't feel it would look right. I had 2 schools of thought.

1) Try it and see but I didn't want it to look like my first attempt, or
2) call my friend Barb from Bejeweled By Barb  and beg her for a favor. I've seen her blanket stitching and I was thinking I'd sweet talk her with lunches and dinners and chauffering if she found herself without a car because hubs took it or something.

I was really leaning toward #2 but it was late last night and I am determined to move forward on this quilt each day. I didn't want to call after 9pm.  Plus, the idea that I had to not just ask a favor of her when I'm sure she's got a full plate, I would have to ask her to have it done quickly. I felt I would be imposing and I shouldn't do that unless I at least tried first. So I tried.

Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
They are getting better, don't you think?  While not as good as Barb's, I think I can leave take 2, unstitch take 1 and make the remaining 15 circles look like take 3.  Barb, my friend, instead of imposing for your skills, now I'll just have to impose upon you to meet me for lunch again.  :)

Cheers! Beck

Friday, May 20, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Blog Names

This is going to be short and sweet.  I had a lot of "press" on my blog name with the Blogger's Quilt Festival this past week (which I'm still only about 1/2 way through!)

The hubs and I were talking about it and I was commenting I was asked about it often.  I chose it because I wanted a name that fit (and oh yes it does) and that I thought would be easily remembered (is it?) in case I ever did anything business related in the quilt world.

He said he could come up with a few other adjectives and when pressed, wisely stated, "Sexy, sassy, sarcastic quilter."  I suspected he was really thinking, "Bitchy barbie sarcastic quilter."  :-)

Anyway, some of the names I've come across that I love:

Sarcastic Quilter (of course I have to include me!)
Bitchy Stitcher
Quilting in my Pyjamas (I do it often but not often enough)
Ditchin Time Quilts
The Confused Quilter
Cheaper Than Therapy Quilting
The Reluctant Quilter

I know there are others but they are escaping my mind.  Tell me what are some of the best blog names you've come across? They don't have to be quilt related. Just which ones struck a funny with you?

Cheers! Beck

ps - Click on my button on the side to see other Friday Favorites!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ps - good food

I meant to show this yesterday but I forgot. I think the good food is screwing with my brain cells.

Anyway, this is what I mean when I say I made good food choices. I wanted what hubs had... steak, eggs, potatoes and sausage from the diner.

I chose a salad with salmon and citrus dressing.  (spinach, carrots, mango, strawberries, pecans, craisins) It was NOT satisfying at all and the citrus dressing was too bitter. I think it could have been better except for that and the scent of steak wafting across the table.
If it weren't for Jillian's constant question in my head about what kind of abs I want (I totally gave up on my ass - lol) I might have caved!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Warm Spinach & Elk Salad and Weigh-In Weds.

Yum. The recipe for the salad is below. Of course beef can be substituted.

So, onto some good news, I was wrong about my initial weight. I didn’t start this journey (this time) weighing in at 168. I actually started it weighing in at 161. I just realized today that my scale is not calibrated correctly and instead of starting at 0, it actually sits at 7 when there is nothing on it.

So, I was 161 to start, lost 1 lb last week and this week, ta da…. 1 more pound.

But really, it’s SWEET because I lost 7 lbs, just like that, this week. I did what any self-respecting dieter would do to celebrate. I went to McDonald’s and ordered a Big Mac meal! Okay, no I didn’t but I did have a bologna and cheese sandwich on white bread. If Jillian Michaels was a friend of mine, she’d have thrown her hands up in disgust but hey, sometimes you just want a little comfort food!  Overall, my eating habits and choices were pretty good this week.

My 1 lb loss this week is, again, due to lack of movement, I fear. I am not working out as I had planned. I should be more disciplined and work out first thing in the morning but I’ve tried that and if I don’t have something to eat first off, I can barely make it 5 minutes into the work out. Of course, something to eat needs to digest a little so that means I have to have my coffee or I don’t want to move. Really, I AM the couch potato without these things. So, a yogurt, or banana or whatever, digest and while I wait, I start working.

So I work and get sucked in… my morning disappears and then it’s 10am and I have meetings and calls, contracts to review and a shower to get in. Plus I’m hungry because I didn’t eat anything filling in the morning. –sigh- I get sucked back into work. 2pm rolls around and I’ve determined the idea of working out at lunch time has come and gone and maybe I better eat some lunch!

5pm, 6pm… get up, make dinner (if I’m lucky and work permits). Or get up and yell at teenager (cause really, that’s all the enjoyment in my life these days…kidding). Or get up and pee. (not kidding.)

Shut down the computer. I could work out now but that interferes with my daily constitutional at this time… the wine. There are some things I’ll do for better health but giving up my daily glass of wine isn’t one of them. I spend some time with hubs/kids, eat, watch some Jeopardy. This week, browse blogs from the blogger festival but last week, I tried to get some sewing in during the “prime time” of television time. 9/10pm roll around and I could exercise but then I want to go to bed and I wonder if exercising after having wine earlier is a bright idea.

Alas, the day is over and I lay down planning to get up in the am and do better.

So now you know. I have decided this week I’m going to try something different and that is to work out before bed. I can sleep anytime so I am not worried about not being able to sleep after exercising. I think if I’m only having 1 glass of wine around 5pm, I should be fine to exercise at 9pm. If I’m wrong, please do not enlighten me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Warm Elk & Spinach Salad
fresh baby spinach
3 - 6 oz elk steak (a tender cut)
pine nuts
kernal corn
vidalia onion
dried cranberries (craisins)
(NOTE: Use whatever quantities you need to make this for yourself and/or others. If I were making a salad for only me, I'd use up to 3 oz steak and maybe 1/8 cup sliced onion. A small palmful of nuts, craisins and corn and a cup of spinach.)

1. Grill steak (or broil) until medium rare (or just to medium) and let rest while making the salad. 
2. Lightly toast pine nuts in a sautee in dry pan for a minute or two over medium heat.  Take nuts out of pan and set aside.
3. Chop onion and sautee on medium high heat in a bit of olive oil until tender.
4. Add kernal corn and baby spinach and toss with onions until it is wilted slightly.
5. Place mixture on a plate, top with craisins and pine nuts. Arrange elk over the salad.
6. Optional:  add a light amount of an italian style vinagrette.

Cheers! Beck

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


That's it, today's the day to have those QAL tops posted on our FLICKR group. I know time/life got in the way for a few of you but since I had so few posters to add pictures, I think I'm going to send a little something off to each of you.

Aside from my finished top, 2 of you completed the tablerunner and posted about them. They look fantastic!
Quilting in My Pyjamas and
P at The Way I Sew It.

I flipped a coin and P, you've won the fabric. Congratulations, your reversible runner is very pretty and fun!
Quilting in My Pyjamas, I am going to send this along to you for participating and finishing your first paper-piece project! I hope it brings you a little inspiration. It's nothing too fancy or detailed but it might be fun.
And for Shevy, who I kow would have finished if life hadn't intervened in such a way as it did, I'd like to send you this little package. Please do post in the group when you do finish, I can't wait to see these fabrics put together.

If you three ladies would please email me your address, I'll get these sent out.

For those who've put up with my posts, thank you. I hope you take the pattern and make one of your own tops one day. If you do, please feel free to post it in the group so everyone can see it (or me, at least! hehe)

Cheers! Beck

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Airplane Quilt

The wonderful Amy at Amy's Creative Side continues to host these biannual bloggers festivals. A chance for us to show a favorite quilt and to see other blogger's favorites.  This festival runs 5/13 through 5/20. You have time to post a favorite, too!

One of my favorites is the quilt I designed from scratch using the help of EQ6.  I designed it for my girlfriend's baby boy and to fit in with his nursery theme of airplanes.  It started like this:
Then became the top with different textured fabrics.

I backed it with some dotted minkee and finally, it was enjoyed as I had hoped!
I quilted spirals in the log cabin blocks, SID the airplanes and around each plan block, and finally I added a few small clouds in the blue skies.
The different textures and colors keep this a favorite quilt of this little guy even 1 year later.
I am so proud of this quilt because it was the first time I could completely envision what I want, get it designed how I wanted it, executed it to look just as I wanted, finished it to the size I wanted, and even quilted it with an original design. This quilt may not look like it but it stretched me creatively and organizationally. I had to figure out how to put it together (write the pattern, if you will), and execute it from a thought in my head. I feel great about the entire process and since I've done this with success, I've felt more free to experiment with other design ideas and even better, to modify or tweak patterns I come across.  It definately makes me happy to think of this quilt for all it has given me and more importantly, the joy I know it's giving that little boy. I designed it with the idea I wanted it to be loved, slept on, dragged around, used as a tent, etc.  and that's what he does with it!  :-)

Now go look at all the other great quilts being highlighted by clicking on the link (sorry, I can't get the button to input correctly here).


Cheers! Beck

A finish, a kinda finish & a giveaway

It's been a while since I've posted a good finish but this one I can post with all the satisfaction in the
world.  A little over two year's ago, I gave my mom a reversible table runner for St Patty's Day and Easter.  She commented last year she wanted runners for the "rest of the year".  So onto my to do list these went.

Today, I've finished the last runners. I was hoping to have them sent to her by Mom's Day but no go. She'll get them soon. So here they all are:
Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Memorial Day/July 4th/Labor Day
Now let me talk about my "kinda finish" this is regarding the unfinished I've been working on as part of my 6 month challenge (see my Myra's PhD challenge button on my sidebar). I've been diligently working these although I haven't been able to post finishes just yet but I'm almost there!  Anyway, one of them I realized, I just have to let go of and because of that, I realized it counts as a finish.

The following pattern and fabric is free to the first person who comments they want it.  A couple notes (and why I'm giving it up). I started this a while ago and cut all the pieces. While piecing, I realized I mis-cut some borders/sashing (at least).  It can still make a great quilt or couple wall hangings but I just don't have any desire to rework the layout from the pattern to accomodate my cutting. There is still plenty of fabric, as you can see in the photo, it's just not for me.  So, if you want it (even if you are going to piece it up to different quilts, pillows or bags) speak up and I'll send it along. I'll need your email so I can contact you for an address.
And there you have it.  Happy Friday everyone.

Cheers, Beck

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Filet w/Mushroom Sauce recipe & Weigh-In Weds.

Okay, I decided that when I do Weigh-In Weds., I should also post a recipe that I liked and tried during the week. Something on the healthier side.  I figured you should be "rewarded" for my "confessions."

First off, 1 lb. lost. It'd probably be more but, well, I suck. lol
1) I worked Jillian's Shred 3x in the last week, walked one day, slacked the rest.  I was very tired from Jillian this time around, not sore. Just exhausted.
2) I won't give you a complete run-down of my eating but I will say a couple fast food meals made their way in as well as some soft serve ice cream with sprinkles a couple times last week.  This was tempered, however, with my eating better at least 50% of the week.
3) I know that if I eat better 100% of the time and actually exercise everyday, (one day, Sunday, I will not workout with Jillian but I will walk in my fields), I will post a higher loss next week. 
4) I also know that I'm okay with last week's results. All things considered, I feel better already and I was able to work with Jillian this morning and not want to collapse. Most importantly, I only cursed her one time the whole 20 minutes! THAT is CHANGE, people.

Overall, go me. A slow start and I can do better so I will.

Second up, the recipe.  I was planning on having this for mother's day but the hubs made his version. I do not want to know what was in his, it was too good, too rich, too lovely for me to ask or worry. However, I have made this before and it's quite good and lovely all on it's own (especially if you can use fresh instead of canned mushrooms).

NOTE: This recipe was adapted from a recipe on Weight from kitchen of ABOOMGAARDEN

1 clove garlic, minched
black pepper
1/8 cup shallot (I used 1/3 of medium vidalia onion), diced
2 Tbsp cornstarch (I was out & had to use flour)
2 Tbsp water
16 oz canned mushrooms, drained & sliced (originally called for fresh but canned worked fine)
1/2 cup dry white wine (originally called for sherry - red wine might work better, I just didn't feel like opening any)
8 oz sodium free beef broth
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
4 oz filet tenderloin, trimmed

- Melt 1/2 butter in large skillet, season both sides of filet with salt and pepper.
- Add filets to skillet and cook 3.5 minutes on each side (or to the desired level of done). Remove from pan but keep warm.
- In same pan, melt remaining butter. Saute onion, mushrooms, and garlic for approximately 3 minutes.
- Reduce heat to medium. Add wine and beef broth, and a touch more salt and pepper.
- In a separate bowl, mix together water and cornstarch until smooth. Increase heat and add to the pan, stirring constantly to a boil. Once the mixture thickens, serve over the heated filets.
Serve with fresh steamed vegetables and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PP QAL - week 7, borders

Alright ladies, everyone should have put their blocks together.
Now please add the borders you should already have cut. Add shorter sides first and then longer sides. Hopefully, I've had you cut enough "extra" length that this will be a comfortable endeavor.
Please post all completed tops by Tuesday, May 17 in our Flickr group to be eligble to win the prize for participants! (It doesn't matter what size you ended up making so yes, there's time if someone wants to join with a table topper.)
I have a question for you all, now.  Here's my top, without needing to undo the borders, how do I fix the rumply borders? This is the first time it's ever happened to me that my borders are ruffly looking and oddly enough, this is the first quilt that was truly squared up when I added the borders.  It's very odd to me.  Any suggestions besides just take care when quilting? I was thinking about adding another dk blue border but I'm afraid it won't help but will make it worse.  Anyone have anything for me?  I so hate unstitiching...
Cheers! Beck

Friday, May 6, 2011

INSPIRATION (Don't miss this post, trust me)

Folks, we often find inspiration in the simplest things but what happens when you ask for it and receive an answer? Well, you go with it, just as this woman did.

Truly inspiring and I will never complain about a difficult quilting session again.  (Okay, I'll complain but I'll give thanks while I do it.)

Watch this beautiful video and yes, have some tissues at the ready.


Cheers! Beck

Thursday, May 5, 2011

J's 2011 quilt

Don't forget to keep working those PP blocks QAL participants!

J was at it again. I think we will have a great quilter on our hands if I can keep him doing at least one quilt per year. :)

He designed, helped make, and helped quilt this little quilt for his now 5 month old half brother. He gave it as a surprise last weekend and I'm told it was liked by his dad and step-mom so HOORAY J, way to be creative.  I love you kid!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weigh-In Weds. & Jillian Michaels. Again

Well folks, as I came to realize, I've been letting all my life upheavals interfere with taking care of myself. As a consequence I gained back the weight I lost (again) because I didn't stay committend.  This time, I'm relying on all of you. I went down a pants size and back up the first time around. NOT AGAIN.

Here's why.
1) I recognize I am eating out of boredom and depression and stress.  That's a deadly combination folks.  I'm also being lazy for the same reasons.
--DUH!! Old athlete in me, the smart person in me and my dietician SIL (and nurse mom) all understand this is a vicious cycle that just lends to re-inforcing those same behaviors.

2) I have been looking in the mirror lately and thinking how bad I look. I realized I get into a habit of not looking but that has stopped working, I'm forcing myself to look again. Be honest with myself. Be accountible.

3) I feel like crap. I'm always tired. I get winded too easily, I don't want to move... again, a cycle of behavior that will change when I make myself stronger agian.

4) Summer is here and I love fresh vegetables and fruits and cooking fresh. It will be easier to tailor my diet and by fall/winter, my goal is to have a good handle on bringing all those good veggies into my winter diet (I plan to can this summer to ensure I get what I love year round.)

5) I've realized I can't keep waiting for my life to be organized and settle before I pay attention to this because I can't control some of these external stressors and I'm only creating my own internal ones (feeling like crap, tired, etc.) by NOT doing this.

Excuses are over. Not wanting it is over. I want it, I want to treat myself to things I don't (like a new skirt or shirt) beacuse I don't want to buy a bigger size. I want to feel good about my fitness level and about how I look. I want to naturally fight the stressors in my life by creating those damn endorphins.  I want this, this time.

All that said, here's the accountibility.

Today, I weigh 168 pounds. I am 5'2" tall.
Today, I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video (again). Also again, I put the sailors to shame with my langauge. (This post said it all.)
Today, I ate a small bowl of cereal and 1% (sorry, just can't get to skim) milk for breakfast. I'm eating an interesting little pasta bowl for lunch.(about 1/2 cup bow-tie pasta -cleaned out last of white and from here on out all whole-wheat - with about 3 ounces cooked kale, 2 cloves of minced, sauteed garlic, 1/8 cup diced, sauteed onion and 1 tsp sweet potato butter. cook all and mix. It's interesting, alright.) and a homemade sorbet for dessert (I love me my ice cream in the summer so I am determined to make fruit sorbets as a great alternative). Finally, I'm going to have 1/2 a yogurt for snack and dinner is still up in the air. I am thinking fish, probably salmon with an island marinade I made the other day.

I am not paying for Weight Watchers any longer but I will keep a daily log of what I'm eating and how I am exercising. I am thinking that if I post this on Weigh-In Wednesdays, I will be accounting for myself publically so please bear with me on this quilter's blog, this once per week post.

And there you have it. I'm off to A Ditchin Time Quilts blog to update those posting on weight loss on my own regression and renewed intent.

Thank you my friends.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

QAL weeks 6 (& update on me)

This week for the QAL, all I am asking you to do is layout your blocks in the pattern you want and then start sewing them together into rows and then sew the rows together. 

Next week will be borders and then, the drawing for the participant prize!  As promised, when I went to Lancaster area in PA, I picked it up. It's a small fat quarter bundle. If it so happens I have more participants who've been hiding away and pictures of completed tops are posted at the end of week 7, then I will add second, smaller gift, a pocket quilter's diary.
I do hope you all are doing well and please check in with any questions or updates here or on our FLICKR page. :)

Now, update on me. I have no update. Life is status quo and it's driving me crazy! I'm living on some great land but in a horrible, small house that I cannot get organized in. For me, no organization = no productivity in house needs, quilt needs, personal needs.  It's hard to just make myself do things but I'm trying. Getting away to PA with my friend and an area quilt guild was a fun diversion and a much needed step away from where I was going with my own little self-pitying madness. (Okay, maybe that was an extreme representation but I swear I could have stepped into that pool easily enough.) Anyway, we've put bids on houses, we've put in bids on land, we've written contracts, we've travelled so far around 2 counties,  and I'm so versed in the real estate market around here (9 months looking and counting!) I think I could pick out a house online now. Good lord, we have cash in hand for land, we have great credit, we have reasonable bids for the market. The problem, too many people are underwater in their mortages and the banks aren't willing to work short-sales too much yet. Foreclosures on the market are still few and far between and/or are listed at the inflated price the bank still was owed from the previous owners. We do not want to rent and piss our money away for the next couple of years. The tax hit this year was enough to remind us it's not a favorable option but really, what the heck?!  Alright, so that's my update. Life continues with family and kids just fine otherwise, thank goodness.

So, in no particular order, here are pictures of all the goodies I bought in PA and visiting with my mom over Easter.  The last photo is a teaser.  What do you think I will be doing with that fabric?
 BOOTS! I love em, I've been waiting for years to find the perfect pair and these babies are it. I may get another pair just as a back up. :D

     How cute are these chicken applique? Fried chicken, chicken divan, chicken gumbo! Love it.

FQ bundles, 25 for $30 each and a pretty fabric!

Monopoly fabric for a quilt for my son. I brought it home and his face lit up, I am glad I snagged it. A pattern for the friend who took me on the PA trip. She said I can make her this quilt and I promised I would but warned it might be 5 years from now! hehe
A decoration for my new sewing room, if and when I get one!
Finally, this beatiful fabric.  What, do you think I will be doing with this?

Quilt along pals, check in! If you haven't started, you still have time to participate if you make a smaller table topper.  That's only four blocks and border. You can do it, I'm sure!

Cheers! Becky

Monday, May 2, 2011

The witch is dead

Sing with me, "ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead..."

While Osama Bin Laden is not the same witch Dorothy had to contend with in the Wizard of Oz, I do feel a sense of freedom in knowing he has died.

I don't celebrate his death except I do feel happy he's no longer roaming this earth and adding to the amount of strife that already exists. I hope Al Queda is too unorganized to continue to be a real threat, but I fear it will only be a short time until it recoups and works at it's crazy goals.

What I do say is this.  Thank you to all the military personnel, in America and amongst our allies, including their families, for the sacrifices to bring this man and the rest of the terrorist organization to justice. Your sacrifices and your hardships are always in my heart and head and I will always be praying for you.  I am so proud of you, of us all, for our love and committment to our family and country.  It's not over but we can certainly feel good about the current win.

Okay, my husband has just said it best as to how I feel also, "I'm rejoicing at this one victory but with a heavy heart for all the loss of life and other sacrafices of soldiers, family, and friends at acheiving it."
Now, I know I've been silent, lots happening here and today's post was going to be about where I've meen and what I've been doing, however, to me, it was far more imporrtant to post about the most recent current event.

Until later, Beck