Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I have a quilt at the Int'l Quilt Festival of Ireland!

I was contacted a few months ago with an invitiation to put my Monopoly quilt in the "Games and Puzzles" exhibit at the   How cool it felt that someone saw my quilt and thought it was nice enough to send that email! 
I pondered whether to send it, after all, it's a bed quilt and has been used daily for a few months by the teen boy.  After a good wash and examination, it appears P has been taking good care of it.  I did ask P if I could send it off to the show and it took him a couple days to decide it was okay.  Frankly, I think that was more of a compliment to the TRUE value of the quilt than even the invitation. Two good compliments in one week.  I had to be careful fitting my head through the doorways for a bit there! -wink-

Anyway, I decided to send it off and it's should be hanging there as I type this. The show is this weekend and if you are going or know anyone who is going, can you do me a favor (or beg a favor for me)?

Could you get a picture of "Monopoly" at the show and email it to me? I'd be forever grateful!

If you are going, have a wonderful time. Hubs and I have been talking about getting back to visit such a beautiful country again, it's too bad we couldn't make it work for this weekend.