Monday, April 30, 2012

Northern VA & nearby residents - a bus trip

For any of you in the general area of Northern VA, the Stafford Piecemakers Guild is hosting a bus trip to Lancaster, PA on Saturday, May 19.

Last year, they stopped at Intercourse, PA with antique shops, craft shops, a small quilt museum and a couple quilt stores and even better, in Lancaster County they stop at Burkholder's Fabric. A store in the Amish community and with the best fabrics.   I believe it's the same itinerary this year.  I've been on a spending hiatus in anticipation of this trip... :-)

POC: Pat Burroughs
Open to everyone 18yr or older, $45 non-members, Checks payable to: Stafford Piecemakers Quilt Guild 

I went last year for the first time and while not a member of the guild, it is open to non-members again this year. They would like to fill the bus and only need 11 more people.  I am arranging to go today, in all liklihood and would love to see some (ahem, Barb!) of you along.

Just calling out to you, Barb. I know I've been a silent friend and thought I'd publically acknowledge that with my heartfelt apologies for being so distant. Work overtook life for quite some time there and then hubs and I had some things to work through (more on that on Favorite Things Friday, though).

Anyway, here's the information and contacts. I do hope we can fill the bus and go. I had such fun last year and I didn't know anyone except the person who invited me.  It's well worth the day... if you need a place to stay overnight instead of driving back to your home (hmm, Susan? or AmyLou? can kids go to in-laws?hehe), my home is open to you.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My month in review...

I know I've been away for quite a bit and I apologize. Nothing going on here except life, as usual.  The days disappear on me. That said, I've worked hard on the DWR and it's done! I have just washed it and if the sun comes out today, it will have a photo shoot so I can present some pictures to everyone.

I completed a top for St. Patrick's day but didn't get it quilted.  I hung just the top so I didn't have a blank spot on my kitchen wall.  Doesn't look so bad.
I also completed an Easter wall hanging for the kitchen.  Played around with formats.

Eventually ended up with this one. Then I went crazy playing with the quilting. I don't particularly like it but it was practice and for that, I am okay with it. The first layout above was my initial choice but I didn't want to buy fabric and had none that worked because it was off balance with the brown. I like the fabrics bit not overly enthused about the quilt.  I got something on the wall, though!  I'll probably do something else next year  and let this one be a table mat instead.
Finally, I managed to corral my kids who are now 12, 15 and 15 (soon to be 16) and my sisters and their neighbor's daughter (14) and we went to FL for a week.  We went to Disney's Magic Kingdom,

Disney's Hollywood Studios,
and Universal's Island Adventures (the one with the Harry Potter portion).

WE HAD A BLAST! It was hotter than normal for this time of year but still worth it.  So much fun and I think I enjoyed giving the kids memories more than anything... well, perhaps except the Harry Potter Village. Holy fun, batman! There was so much to enjoy.  I'll leave you with one picture though that sums up how we felt.

I'm in the back row on the left, my youngest, J, is next to me. The second to last row is: T (friend), P (son), Sis1, Sis2, K (daughter).  This ride had us all give a scream.  And check out the other riders, too.  They couldn't help themselves, either.
If you have kids who love HP and you aren't afraid of lines or heat, get them to this park. It is worth it to try the butter beer and pumpkin juice, pay for overpriced wands, see Olivander's shop, and just experience the atmosphere of wonder and cheer. My kids grew up with the HP characters in the movies and it simply felt like we were visiting a relative's home town (along with hundreds of others! LOL).