Sunday, December 14, 2014

More mini quilts

I have  made a few more mini quilts for 2 different reasons. The first reason is for another IG swap, actually called IGMini Swap. :)

My partner said she liked rainbow things and improv but wanted something a little more sophisticated. Trying to touch on all three items, I came up with this, It's quilted in rainbow variegated thread.

I sent a little mug rug, too, for the heck of it.
I made the quilting show on the back because I figured if she didn't like the front it would give her an alternative way to hang it.  She seems to like it, though, and the quilting so maybe she will hang it both ways, depending on her move.

This is what I received from someone else in the swap. I love it!

The other minis I created as giveaway prizes to my IG followers. I have been active there while not so much here and chose 5 random followers and made a mini of their choosing from the website  It's great if you know how to foundation piece and like themes!

 The extra "O" is for a friend.
I had some fun making all of these.