Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm going to the Sewing Summit again

HOORAY for me! I'm super excited.  I've been keeping an eye on the Flikr group for the Sewing Summit and there someone started a discussion for those looking to transfer tickets. I replied and was able to get a ticket from someone who had to change their plans.

I am super excited to be going again.  I had such a nice time in the classes last year and meeting new people.

This year, I am looking forward to the same and meeting up with those friends from last year.

Tickets can be transferred up until Oct. 1 so if you are interested in purchasing one off someone whose plans have changed, I'd suggest keeping an eye on the discussion thread.

Now, as to what I've been up to besides work and life, it's cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room and working on these two quilt tops.

In a day or so, I'll be able to show you this one completed.

How have you all been?


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bella Fabrics in Carrollton, VA

My folks live in Hampton, VA and I see them pretty regularly. I took my mom to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival last year (we go almost every year, actually) and we came across a booth run by Bella Fabrics.  Neither of us knew they were located only 20-25 minutes from Mom's house and the ladies at the booth were so pleasant, we knew we'd be stopping in to their store soon.

This is their store located at 13478 Carrollton Blvd., Eagle Harbor Shopping Center, Carrollton, VA 23314.

These are photos of the inside of the store. (Looks like Mom was in almost all the photos. She'll be thrilled. hehe)

Great space for classes.

Good space for sit and sew.

Lovely fabrics, displayed sample quilts, etc.

This is my fabric haul this past weekend (sorry, don't know why it's sideways).

Best of all, helpful and friendly staff!

These ladies were so funny and enjoyable I found myself wishing I lived close enough to attend the Friday night Sew-Ins I see listed at the Bella Fabrics website. We gabbed about current  If you are in the Hampton/Carrollton, VA area, go to this store. Check them out. I am fairly certain you will be returning again and again.

One additional note, take a look at their link for Expo II- 2012.  A weekend of several classes and it looks wonderful!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monopoly Quilt - complete

I've finally completed my son's Monopoly quilt. I bought the fabric about a year and a half ago but I could not figure out how I wanted to piece it together.  The teen and I thought about several different patterns but none of them felt right so finally, I just started cutting and piecing with 2 ideas: 1) have one Monopoly board in the middle of the quilt, and 2) showcase the other fabrics but still have them support the Monopoly board.

I am thrilled with what I ended up with.  The next step, quilting. Again I wanted to showcase the fabrics but still have quilting loose enough to keep warmth to the quilt but individualized designs in each of the different areas.

I ended up quilting long wavy lines on the chance and pieces borders and in the black with cards/individual bills, I echo quilted around the cards and bills with a small wave in between each (it's really hard to see in this picture).

Meandering with "money" written in is what's on the money borders.

Smaller wavy diagonal lines on the board with a curved echo in the real estate spaces.

In the orange chance areas, I did square type quilting and in the polka dots, I quilted a loops. You should be able to see them better in the picture of the backing (which is a fun stripe in the colors of the quilt).

Lastly, for the binding, I combined alternating directions of the backing stripe. It's a different look and adds a little character.

And here it is.

Here is P.  I told him to come outside and help me with the photo shoot. Nearing 6 ft already, I believe he thought he was simply going to be holding the quilt up (which he did) until I said, "now pose with it, because you are going up on the blog." He replied, "okay" and the photo below is the look on his face when he actually realized what I said and what he agreed to and then said, "wait, what?"  I was prepared for that.

Here he is (b/c I love him and you don't see much of him on my blog), deciding how to pose.

Finally, my handsome boy headed too fast for manhood. I'm glad he still keeps some whimsy about him and is happy to have the quilt for his bed.  I love you, P.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pets on Quilts!

Some of you may have noticed on my sidebar an advertisement for the Pets on Quilts event.  This event started in August and ends on the 9th. If you click on the sidebar, you will see the initial post full of information. From there, click to the blog's home page to be brought to the most recent screen full of sponsor links and participant links. This is akin to the Blogger's Quilt Festival with voting after the links close to basically, "best in show" of the few categories.

I decided to link up this year and participate because when I make a quilt, it's an ever-loving challenge to try to keep the dogs from getting on it one way or another and I thought it'd be fun to show some of the pics I end up with.

They really, really, try to get onto the fabric when I lay out block placements (I really need a design wall)

but if I finish a quilt and lay it down for a photo, all heck breaks loose!  It's a cartoon-ish mad dash to take a photo, keep an eye on all three dogs and prohibit them, usually with a repeated mantra of "don't you dare, eah, no, stay, no, off, GET OUT."

Yep, I end up blowing a gasket to which they act all wounded and mope to the door and I feel bad.

They just love my quilts. They like other blankets but my quilts, wow, it's nutty and oddly complimentary.  I relent and let them lay on the ones for home or my family who has dogs

but they are so bummed when I don't let them get near other quilts, like charity quilts.  They are even bummed when they see me lay out a sheet over the floor for block placement or something. They just seem to know it's not for them.

A couple quilts have been relegated the dog beds on a frequent basis. For example, this one.

This next one was intended to be mine but Hubs gifted it to some good friends.  Needless to say, the dogs and I were unhappy. They really worked hard to each get a part to lay on and then studiously ignore mama.

At the end of the day, I decided if I can't beat em, to join them (this is my submission photo for the voting contest). I just needed to make them sit still long enough to get a good dog photo.  Except...

I'm not much of a photographer.  I hope you've enjoyed my puppies and swing over to Lily Pad Quilting for other great pics of pets on quilts!