Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I have been sewing, not that you'd know.

I have GOT to get back on a blogging schedule. I miss everyone!

Alright, so while I can still chat about what's happening in my new endeavors for a healthier me, it's important to note that aside from the physical efforts, I've been ensuring I'm staying healthy mentally, too. Trying to sew several times a week.  I'll give details later on the quilt tops when finished but for now, and because I feel I owe you some photos for being so patient, here's a little roll through of things I've completed or am working on over the last month or two.

A QOV quilt top.
 A jelly roll strip quilt top.
 A foundation pieced quilt top using the block from my SQ Paper-Piece QAL 2011.
 2 blocks for a friend making a comfort quilt.
 More blocks for SIL's quilt.
 A quilt for a co-worker.

 An improv quilt top from fabrics I had to have but had no plan for.
 My first ever zippered pouch for a pouch swap at the Stash Bash Retreat!
 Lanyards & pillowcases (one for a friend) for the retreat.

I'll chat a bit more about the Stash Bash retreat really soon but can leave this post's eye candy with the following thought.  If you have a chance to go to a retreat, meet up with a bunch of like-minded quilters (sewists/crafters), just go. It's fun, relaxing and just plain good to get out and meet new people.