Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ugly Swoon Block contest

Remember those Swoon blocks I've been making?  Well, what I learned in our Flickr Group was that almost every fabric combination, even the scrappy look, produced pretty blocks.

So I got to wondering, was it possible to combine fabrics to make an ugly block?   I posted this question in the group and with the responses, Katy of ImAGingerMonky (our hostess) and I decided it would be a fun little side competition.

We are about 1/2way through the time frame for creating and posting an ugly swoon block with a prize at the end (FQ bundle Pezzy prints by American Jane for Moda) for the ugliest.  If you want to join in, if you've missed the discussion, take a look. Here's the thread:

Ugly Swoon Block Contest

You have until March 15! :-)  Enjoy it, it's always pretty liberating to try to create something ugly on purpose.