Thursday, May 29, 2008


So many people use this hosting place for photos. I've finally jumped on the bandwagon. My public photos are strictly photos of my projects but perhaps, for family, I'll also start an album of personal photos. We'll see...

At any rate, here's the address. Enjoy.

Edited to note I no longer have a webshots account.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The kids just keep growing

Well, with DH working in TN at the moment, I've had the pleasure of "single mom"-ing it for a spell. That said, the pleasure of talking puberty and hygeine with a pre-teen girl and a pre-teen boy have been overwhelming me of late! Every day...

"Did you put on deoderant? Wash your face? Brush your teeth properly? Shower?" -sigh- it continues. Of course, I don't remember ever having issue with hygeine but my parents and older sister are quick to remind me of how I smelled at that age!

The joys... she needs to remember to clean herself properly. He needs to remember DEODERANT in the worse way. Do you think by the time they have their own children they'll have learned? -wink-

On another note, we were looking at taking a family vacation this summer and I had come up with a few options for us to choose from. DH has decided I'm making too much of this so as of this weekend, he's planning the whole thing. Works for me. I am not planning and therefore I will not participate in any organizing. One less thing to do so I am not going to complain. Keep me honest about that, will you?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's been a while

The last couple of weeks have gone by quite quickly since Paducah. The workload at my job has picked up and the kids' activities have also. Not to mention the house is a pig sty and I added another project to my every growing list of UFO's! In my defense, though, this one would be complete now if not for well, me.

I've decided to create a quillow for a friend's daughter in honor of her making her First Communion. Took a while to pick/create a simple pattern for reasons unknown to me since I basically used pinwheels and framed theme blocks. I'm using fleece for the backing so no batting necessary. Finally, for the pillow part, I planned to embroider a little quote she wrote in a letter to Jesus on the upcoming event and add the date.

Last night, after 3 hours at the machine, I realized I will have to work most of the weekend or give up on the quote part. This is not going well at all. Work and sleep (darn that sleep!) interfered with my ability to whip out the top quickly and now my inexperience with the emroidery functions on my machine are slowing me down elsewhere. I hate to give up on the quote though... I suppose it's time to reach out to my online friends and other owners of the machine to see if they can assist.

Regardless, it's good to be back.