Wednesday, August 24, 2011

EARTHQUAKE! No, really...

So yesterday there was an earthquake centered in VA.  Turns out, centered 45 minutes drive from my home or less if you go the way the crow flies.


For those of you in CA who deal with earthquakes more regularly, let me say this, "what the hell are you doing still living in CA?" 

Of course, I'm also the person who was too close to a small tornado last year in TN and I asked of myself, "what the hell are people doing still living in tornado valley?" 

Give me lots of land, no ocean for hurricanes, no "valley" for tornados, and no tetonic plates almost direclty underfoot.  Is that too much to ask? LOL

Anyway, I thought I'd share my story with you since I'm packing to move instead of sewing and I have nothing else to write about.

At 1:50pm, I'm minding my own business at my daughter's orthodontist's office when I start hearing a low rumble. A second or so thereafter, the building shakes a little and the rumble is louder.  For those of us that are used to (a) ordinance explosions or (b) large helicopters flying low overhead, you will understand when I say  that is the first thought I had.  I was able to dismiss ordinance pretty quickly due to my location but I why a heli or two was flying so low but the rumble slowed disappeared and the little shake stopped.

Just as I and the other waiting room inhabitants started shrugging it off, the rumble came back and was loud. (At least to me, many others say they didn't hear anything.) The building decided to shake more and then the staff started hollering for everyone to get out to the end of the parking lot so we were all away from the windows.  I thought, "really?"  Then, "okay" as they were all hustling out. I went to the door and held it open for everyone (really just waiting to see my kid come out from the backroom).  I was a 1/2 second away from going in to get her when she came around the corner.  lol  I told her that she should feel comforted that her pain in the ass mother loved her enough to ensure she got out of a shaking building.  She's a teenage girl, she appreciated it for about 1 second. :p

When we get outside, we see several other buildings evacuated.  Cell signals don't work, land lines were down for a few, it was a bit strange as we all wondered, "was that actually an earthquake?"

I finally get a signal on my cell (I can't call) but I have 2 texts and a voicemail from the hubs, "Call me back, we just had a big earthquake here at home and I want to know you are okay."  Aww... I think he's being a little melodramatic based on what I felt but that's nice. I get a text back to him we are fine and that's when I find out how much more he felt it than we did.

Turns out, where home was, we lost some items off the shelves (as did our neighbors) and hubs spent the quake time holding up the entertainment center & tv so they didn't fall over. They were wobbling that much. The entertainment center, btw, is a big hulking one, too.

Anyway, I got thinking about it later (as we felt another aftershock and I heard it) that I'm really not a panicky person. I may have adrenaline course through me with an unknown but it doesn't stop the rational thought and if anything, it may actually tamp down my emotion even more than normal. lol When 9/11 happened, with the tornado in TN, with this earthquake, I just don't freak (although I did feel like I could at any moment in TN. lol)  The other thing I thought about, my hearing.

I always knew I had a great sense of smell but now I know my hearing is at the same level. Hubs and I joked I smell almost as good as a dog but that I probably hear better. Speaking of dogs, ours were notably upset but so relieved when I finally came home. I'm momma, afterall, and all is better when momma shows up. It's when she leaves that weird things like the house shaking happen. :D

Anyway, to the Californians, I hope you do enjoy scoffing at us East Coasters and our "OMG" moments, I think you've earned it.  Earthquakes suck at any magnitude and I would be just as happy not to experience one again.

Cheers! Beck

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I did it. The Pinwheel Sampler is complete

So I finished the Pinwheel Sampler on time. I would have preferred not to bind by machine, which I feel is my weakest part of quilt making, but I only had so much time available.  It measured about 73"x55" and was machine quilted in a large meander.

I donated it to the silent auction fundraiser and in a small crowd, it sold for $70. I am pleased with that.

Here's the final picture. I used PS I Quilt's Pinwheel Sampler pattern.

Thank you all for your help! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The verdict

Okay, thank you all for your responses! I have a plan. It will look great or it will be awful but I'm going with the light fabric, inserting a tiny blue border around each pinwheel and adding a blue square into the white sashing at the corners. Wish me luck! Pics tomorrow. :)

Thank you again, by the way for your quick replies.

Need fabric choice help, quick.

Okay, I have to start by saying I'm not a huge fan of the fabrics in the blocks (rushed and no planning so it is what it is and I'm stuck with them.) I don't know if it's the block fabrics or background choices or BOTH but I'm not feeling either of these fabrics for sashing, but you tell me if one or both are okay, please?

If neither are okay, know that I've already tried solid white (hideous) and a different red (even worse than hideous). 

I was hoping to use stash fabric and avoid a store run just before packing for my move but I'm not feeling confident. My only other thought is that if either of these are "okay" perhaps I can use them as sashing (think 2.5-3 inches wide) and maybe where each parallel sash meets each horizontal sash, add a small block with a red and white pinwheel to keep it from being too ugly.

I don't know. Thoughts, fabric colors options are all welcome and I need them quick. I have to get sewing the sashing in tonight so I can quilt tomorrow.

Thank you all!

Monday, August 15, 2011

So I finally have news

So as always, between work and home, blogging and quilting haven't just taken a back seat, I've thrown them in the trailer and started driving across the entire country!

Well, not really but it started becoming a chore to check in but at the same time I missed you all and reading up with your happenings. Then, when I did check in, I felt awful b/c I wasn't doing better at keeping in touch with you.  Let me rephrase, I felt like I had missed enough that I should have been a better "blog friend".  Of course, that led to me thinking I was being nuts, no one would expect such a thing and everyone gets life happening. I'd feel fine for a bit, then check in on a blog and it starts over again. I did say at one point in this blog I'm a little bit nuts, right? :)

For those that have sent messages checking in and comments on the blog. For the who have sent a pattern and wonder when I'm going to start the trees, thank you for thinking of me. I do appreciate it.

And now, my news. After 1 full year of looking, of renting on a beautiful 47 acres of farm land, several offers and negotiations on a variety of property, we have finally found a home and have an agreed contract.  We close at the end of the month pending the loan comes through. We have immaculate credit and have been pre-approved at a great rate but the bank is now asking for some ridiculous documents (i.e., divorce decrees from over 10 years ago). We've just sent a note back to them after already jumping through some substantial hoops so we'll see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed, please. This is the fourth home between us and we've never had such crazy requests.

If it all goes well, we will be moving on August 31. Send us good vibes, please.  We could really do with no more stress around this. There are many other things that have contributed to our stress but this is a big part of it and one change leads to another, right?

So here are some pictures of the rooms most important to me. Of course, this isn't our furniture but I can share anyway.  You have the kitchen (we are replacing the fridge with a stainless steel one), the master bath (so friggin' huge!), the master bedroom (in my favorite color already), 2 angles of my very own sewing room and finally, the front of the home.

I'll be back in touch after the move.  Thanks folks!

Cheers, Beck