Sarcastic Quilting Longarm Services

I  have a 26" Gammill Vision 2.0 and a 12ft' frame.  If you are interested in quilting services, I'd be honored if you would consider me.  Please read below for my pricing and more information.  

If you have any questions regarding quilting or pricing, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at sarcasticquilter at yahoo dot com or at 540-940-0028

Cheers, Becky

Longarm Quilting Prices (2021):

Type Quilting                                                 Price
        Edge to Edge:                                     $.020 per square inch
- Example: continuous line designs

Simple Custom:                                $0.025 per square inch
- Example: 1-3 simple and repeating custom designs (i.e. meander in applique blocks, a simple border meander and a second border design like keyboard lines on one quilt)

Edge to Edge Ruler work:                 $.030 per square inch
- Example: up to two-direction straight line ruler or one ruler, such as a Baptist fan ruler
 Mid-Range Customization (Most popular):    $.035 and up per square inch
- Example: multiple ruler work but repetitive in blocks combined with repetitive fill designs or sashing/border work.

Full Custom:                                             $.045 and up per square inch
- Example: multiple ruler work, few or no repetition of custom designs in block, etc. (no heirloom quilting)

Please click here to go to the samples page.

Minimum Charges:
Size                              Edge to Edge               Custom
Wall Hanging               $35                             $60
Crib                              $40                              $70
Twin                             $50                              $85
Queen and up*             $75                              $150
*On my quilt frame, I can accommodate and quilt a top up to 108”w. (Length can be longer, if desired.)

Additional Fees:

1)      Thread Fee                
$5.00 per spool (first spool included in the quilting fees*)
$2.50 per each color change top or bobbin, (first color for each included*)
*I use Aurifil 50wt. or Superior Bottom Line 60wt. thread (or similar quality equivalents) in the bobbin and Aurifil 40wt or Superior King Tut 40wt. thread (or similar quality equivalents) in the top.

For convenience, I am averaging each company’s standard spool sizes and will calculate thread usage based on the assumption that one spool equals 714yds. Estimation of yardage of thread used will be assisted with Superior’s thread calculator app. It is generalized based on amount of quilting and I will always “round down.” For example, if I am asked to quilt a twin quilt with Edge to Edge quilting, it will take approximately 800yds.  I will consider this one spool rather than charging a percentage of a second spool.  However, if it came in at 1100yds, I would charge for the additional spool.  This type of calculation and charging is the one which makes most sent to me without charging everyone a flat fee for thread per quilt instead of including the first spool in the quoted quilt rates.

2)      Quilt Prep by Me                 $20 per hour
For example, including but not limited to, pressing a very wrinkled top or backing (not just the standard fold wrinkle from mailing), trimming loose threads, cleaning off significant pet hair, squaring of the top, piecing backing.

I prefer to quilt with Quilters Dream or Pellon batting. You may provide alternate batting but I reserve the right to decline using it after reasonable inspection.  If this occurs, I will notify you of my decision and together we will decide how to proceed (or not at all). To proceed, in these circumstances, new batting will need to be sent by you or I can purchase the batting and charge the actual cost to your invoice.

If you are paying to have your quilt quilted by me, I recommend you don’t try to save money on your batting. It is as integral to the final product as your top and bottom fabrics.

Proper Quilt Preparation by You
Proper quilt preparation will save you money because it saves me time. By following the preparation steps below, you can avoid time delays and “add on charges”.
-          If you pre-wash any of your fabrics, it is best to pre-wash all of them (top and backing).
-          Clip all loose threads from back and front of quilt top.
-          Remove pet hair, please! It takes time and if you dislike the task, imagine how I feel and why I charge for it.
-          Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.
-          When sewing your backing, be sure to remove all selvages.
-          Square up top and backing or there will be a charge to you for me having to take care of it.
-          Be aware that fullness and puckers which have been pieced in, cannot be quilted out and we may have to reconsider a desired quilting plan to accommodate for this. 
-          Place a safety pin at the top center of both the quilt top and backing fabric.
-          Do not baste, pin or tack your quilt together, please just fold each piece individually.
-          Ensure your batting and backing are a minimum of 6” larger than quilt top on all four sides. (Example: top 50 X 70, batting/backing 62 x 72)


1) Turn around time: This depends on what is in the queue and personal schedule. This is a side business to my regular job. I will be honest and open about the projected completion time and if something unavoidable comes up that I believe will interfere with the projected completion time, I will communicate with you and together we can decide how to proceed (or not at all). If I end up sending a quilt back to you because of this, standard shipping back to you will be at my cost.

2) No Hidden Fees: I will use every reasonable effort to provide you with an accurate quote.  However, some circumstances may arise where we need to discuss a price increase (such as the quilt top arrives and I need to perform quilt prep services).  I will not automatically proceed with these, instead I will contact you with the projected costs for your approval or return of the quilt to you.

3) Quilt Environment: My quilting environment is smoke-free but is dog-friendly (no other pets). The precautions I take are to vacuum the space before loading any new quilt and I take reasonable care to keep the top, backing and batting off the floor. I also make reasonable efforts to keep the dogs out of the quilting space but since the space is in my home, there may be some dander through the ventilation systems, etc. 

4) After Quilting and Shipping:

- Leftover batting and backing material will be returned with the quilt if they are 2" or larger in width and if you requested me to trim them from the quilt after quilted.
- I am located in Spotsylvania, Virginia and shipping is based on actual post office charges for the same box you sent your quilt to me in. If you wish for me to send it express or priority or add insurance, the cost will be billed to you without markup. Important note: If your packaging is not reusable, I will purchase a box from the post office and return ship in that box and charge the cost to you (copies of receipts will be provided upon request.)

PLEASE NOTE: If I have to return ship to you for any reason or other than my inability to complete the quilt in the time scheduled, you will be invoiced the actual cost. 

Services I do not provide at this time:
No Heirloom Quilting: While I do provide custom quilting, I want to be clear I am not offering heirloom quilting at this time. This may include tarpunto and intense background fills such as micro stippling, McTavishing, pebbling, etc. I feel this should be provided to you by a quilter who has more experience with this specific artistry. 
Binding services not provided at this time.
Basting services not provided at this time.
Hand quilting services not provided.
Laundering of the quilt tops, backing or batting is not provided.

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