Sunday, August 16, 2015

Broadway Mini Quilt Swap

I participated in another mini quilt swap (I'm doing it a lot lately) and the theme was Broadway. Our partners (still a blind swap so we don,t know who is making for us) used our sign up forms and our IG feed for inspiration on what Broadway shows we liked and our personal tastes.

My partner liked the King and I so I set to planning...  I used one of the Playbills of the dancing couple for inspiration.
First I thought to do a foundation pieced mini but I wasn't happy with my fabric options even though I thought my partner would like the unique look.
Then I found an ombre' FQ and I knew it would be perfect for an appliqued piece.
Since I wanted it to look similar to the playbill, the design needed to have the "set" to look like a stage so I used fabric painting and stenciled on a design.

I set about creating patterns, cutting fabric and getting ready to applique the couple. I had a scrap of fabric perfect for the King and a yellow perfect for the dress.

Finally, I thought it best to give a little dimension to the couple so they stood out a little more and maybe had a little more movement-like quality.  I added the ruffle to the dress.  Then I sewed the dress and suit detail with a piece of batting on the back. This raises the couple off the background fabric some, especially since I added another layer of batting to quilt the remainder of the mini.

I'm really pleased with how it came together except that now it's been posted, it seems some are thinking it's from the Beauty and the Beast. I didn't notice that but I can see it now. My partner is happy with it, though so that's all I care about. :-)

I also sent along a few Art Gallery FQs, a couple silly items and a foundation pieced mug rug (referencing another playbill for the King and I) with an elephant on it.

And she liked it, yay!
Now, want to see what I got from my partner, Ahlia (@ahliajade on Instagram)?  Look!

I love Mary Poppins & blues & pretty quilting so this is just a winner all the way around. My biggest concern is finding a proper place on my wall for it. :)


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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Beautiful, but no beast! Glad she likes it, it's gorgeous!