Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tree Heart Quilt

A few weeks ago my SIL showed me a quilt on Pinterest. she wanted my assistance in making it. Not a problem, it looked to be pretty straight forward.
Then last week, she realized she probably wouldn't get around to it as soon as she wanted to so asked if I would make it for her.  I said yes.

There's not much to say on completion of this quilt. Once I was provided size preference and color preference, I started it and hand embroidered the initials in the heart and machine-appliqued the heart onto the brown.  I used one FQ to make the hear, folded it in half & drew half a hear on the fold, then cut out the half. Once unfolded, I had a complete heart, even on both sides.  I pinned it like crazy to the background then appliqued it on using a blanket stitch. I backed it with a brown minkee and bound it with double-fold, wide bias tape.

On this windy and cold day, I think the photo stream speaks for itself in trying to get a good finish shot.