Thursday, March 19, 2009


I needed a break from quilting on the frame and from sewing the pineapple blocks so I broke my rule of "no new projects" and stepped up to face a challenge from the OST Yahoo group. Another color challenge to use a color you hate in a project. I chose, instead, a group of colors, pastel, that I tend to stay away from unless requested or required. :)

That said, the pastels I had in my stash were easter eggs and jelly beans. I figured I'd make a seasonal table runner. Since I also had clover fabric and St. Patrick's Day was arriving (at the time I decided to do this) I also decided to make it a reversible table runner. Easter on one side, St. Patrick's on the other.

I think I did well overall, but frankly, I want to brag about my mitered corners for a moment. Just look at these babies!!

Okay, now to the reversible runner itself...


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Anonymous said...

great job beck!! i love it (them??) clever use of doing a reversible one