Monday, September 22, 2008

A good deed never goes unpunished.

My girlfriend calls me today and tells me the school secretary is leaving for health reasons and the principal asked if anyone had ideas of what could be done for her before she goes. She thought of making a signature quilt but of course, needed me to do that. ;) She called, asked if I'd be up for it with her acting as my diligent assistant in all things needed and I said sure, I could help. The pattern she had in mind (we deviated from anyway) wasn't difficult. Just some 4-patches with sashing.

So, she comes over after school today to develop a pattern with me and pick through some of my fabrics. We figure we may as well delve into my stash before spending money. We look through, she finds both a pattern on hand which will work plus all but one fabric needed. She's going to get that one at the store. Also, she will obtain all signatures so I don't need to worry about that item. HOORAY!

Now, with this coming together so nicely, I get the bombshell. This needs to be completed by Oct. 3. It's Sept. 22 today! I wouldn't be concerned if the end of September wasn't usually so busy at work that I hardly have time to think about showering let alone take care of house and kids. Yikes. I think she saw me a little panicked for the first time, ever, in our years long friendship.

Poor girl. I took a few deep breaths, came on here to blow off some of my anxiety and have a glass of wine and then I'm off to wash and press the fabrics. First order of business, get the freezer paper pressed to the fabric so signatures can be obtained without issue. At least, I think that's the best way to go. I'll be doing some research tonight on that also.

So, my good deed to help a friend out and show my appreciation for all the secretary has done has turned into the old adage of feeling it won't go unpunished. -wink- Aww, seriously, I know I'll feel good about this in the end and since we decided to use fleece back instead of cotton batting and backing, it will go even faster. I will likely just quilt in the ditch based on the design to highlight particular squares. We'll see, that's a decision for next weekend.


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