Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's talk... FOOD!

I love food.
Wait let me revise that. I love to EAT food. I like the smell when it's cooking, I like taste and texture and most of the time, I even enjoy the prep work. It seems my family is much the same way so I've decided I'm going to add the periodic rambling about food in my blog. What promted this? Well, I blame all those foodie bloggers out there. Fantastic ramblings about a recipe just made, beautiful descriptions, and just plain make your mouth water pictres. There is nothing worse than a person who has a way with words and hten follows it up with picture proof. DARN YOU ALL!
So, that said, I've found a new breakfast hit for me. It was as quick to make as the blogger posted and I took to heart her comments you can add just about any topping you wanted to the cake. So here it is...

I baked this cake and created the following topping:

- approx. 1 tsp blueberry syrup
- approx 2-3 tsp apple butter
- 1/16 tsp nutmeg
- 1/8 tsp cinnamon
1. Combine all ingredients and warm for 30 seconds. Spread over cake.

2. Make glaze, 1 Tbsp water to approx 4-5 Tbsps. powdered sugar, whisk together with a splash of lemon juice. When glaze consistency, drizzle over cooled cake & filling. You can drizzle over warm cake and filling but the glaze will dissolve into the filling vs sitting on top. It's your choice.


Here are pictures of my first attempt without filling (it was a little undercooked), with filling & glaze and a cut slice (YUM). I will do this again and again with many different toppings, I'm sure, since it was that simple!



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