Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Quilt of Shame

I've posted briefly once before regarding The Quilt of Shame under one of the NY Tornado posts. However, I've recently decided I have advanced enough

-HEY! stop laughing! Humph, as I was saying...
advanced enough to put something nicer there BECAUSE, I think I've learned my lessons.
Yes, well, I laughed at that too but I think I've learned to at least hide my mistakes better. Is that a more acceptable way to say it?

So, just as a reminder to you and I, here's why I have a Wall of Shame quilt hanging directly over my head when I sew.

1) It's to remind me how bad a buying whim for fabric really can get. What was I thinking with that paisley blue stuff and when/where did I ever think I'd use that thimble fabric?

2)You must BASTE when quilting or it shifts EVERYWHERE.

3) Binding should not have thread showing through it on the front, I think. Some on the front is not too bad, right? It's just when it's not at the edge, right? Right?

4) Binding should be finished off neatly and not at each corner with thread showing, especially with thread tails hanging off. (Although, in my defense, I remember getting to this point and thinking I just didn't care and had to finish the damn thing so I could say I did.)

5) SID really means stitching IN the ditch, not wavy lines around the ditch.

6) Pulling the quilt through the machine results in puckers and uneven stitches. No, really, it does. Oh, and "squaring up" doesn't mean quilt first then try to straighten edges later.

Since I can list all these errors, I'm certain I have learned from them well enough to remove the eyesore and put up something to be proud of.

My eventual goal, to do a peek-a-boo quilt which features, I hope, fabrics that remind me of my childhood. Fabrics like Yogi Bear and Paddington Bear. I think this would be fun and the nieces and nephews will enjoy. However, since I have guests coming for the holidays, I think I'd like to do something more Christmas-y.

Care to vote?

Choice A - A large piece of fabric with a Christmas scene colored in crayons by me and the kids (youngest is 8 so there's hope this won't go too nuts in outside of the line coloring.) Then do some quilting around the picture. However, the downside to this may be the drawing I create since I'm NOT artistically inclined when it comes to drawing (or coloring for that matter!)

Choice B - A holiday kit from some store that's quick and easy, again, Christmas theme.

Choice C - Tie some red and green ribbons from the drapery bar and call it a day!

Just for the record, if you don't vote, I'll have to resort to deciding under the influence of a couple cocktails and let's face it, my family and friends suffer with the last time I did that. Can I just say, "Tornado?" ;)


Anonymous said...

What a great story! Oh, my, you are brave, I don't have the heart to show my quilts of shame! Each quilt I learn something new about it! Great blog!

Linda said...

Mmmmmm, go for the kit. Maybe you could find a coloring kit for you and the kids? I also suffer from a lack of artistic talent and I think it would just be frustrating to try and coordinate all that!
Lurking Linda

mbskpj0123 said...

Linda, we chose a kit from Keepsake Quilting store. Should be simple and quick and both DH and I like it. thanks for the vote!

thanks. If I can't laugh at myself, then I'd go insane and frankly, if I've been brave enough to hang this in my home, I may as well post for all wandering quilters, too! :D