Monday, February 16, 2009

Another NQR post... I'm moving (in a few months)

It's as official as it can be so far. DH is working in TN and we are going to be moving (kids and all) to be with him for the 2009-2010 school year. We will go out sometime this summer and return the next so our house in VA will only be rented. I am praying that's slightly less hassle than trying to sell.

Either way, Clarksville, TN, here we come and I'm excited. My company is going to let me telecommute and there will be some great volunteer opportunities for the family (which hasn't always been that easy to coordinate here in VA due to being a blended family.)

The one other thing I'm excited about, I'm going to start a small container garden with herbs and some veggies and fruits. Tomatoes, strawberries, etc. Hopefully, we'll get something out of it rather than having to purchase all the time.

That's it. Nothing special about this post. I just wanted to ramble a bit about the upcoming move. I'm sure it will start taking much of my time to get organized for it so I'm going to take this next month and make it a priority to finish up some quilting projects. Hopefully, that means you will see a few more quilting posts!


Anonymous said...

Oh,Oh,Oh I am so excited. Just guess where I live much less where I shop. You guess it in Clarksville. You have to look me up. I live about 30 minutes south on I-24. Ashland City Joanie

mbskpj0123 said...

hehe, wouldn't mind Joanie (ps, I'll be there for the Paducah show in April, too) but you gotta send me an email or something to contact you with. This came up as "anonymous" and frankly, I use up all my psychic resources to know when the kids are up to no good! :D Beck