Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm in love...with a dog! Last NQR before... (Part 1)

my next quilting post, I promise. I really wanted to wait and post on quilting progress before my next not to you but today I just can't help myself and it's because Sasha has decided to snuggle up to me while I type tonight.

"Sasha" is a Vizsla mutt. I suspect Vizsla and Lab but could be V and another hound. I just don't know. Now, despite my family and I owning dogs my whole life, I've always felt a dog was a dog. Don't abuse or mis-treat, but really, they aren't humans... they are dogs. My sister, mom, dad, brother and friends have always been smitten with one or another dog here or there, but not me. As an adult, I've never really understood that, "we belong together" mentality with a pet.

Now I do. Let me take you back to how she came to be with us.

Aside from the children asking me for the better part of 1 year to get another dog (we already have a 5 yr. old cocker spaniel), I've been reluctant. Time, energy, money... all are reasonable considerations and the reason I've held firm. Even when DH (dear husband) joined the fray. Now, it's Aug. DH has given up, kids have given up. Mom drives down the road and sees some labs for sale- and I stop. I check em out, decide it's just too much and walk away. I don't want a lab, too much energy. I mean, they are puppies until the year before they pass, for crying out loud! Not really but still, energetic pups. So I leave and kids are bummed. I go to bed, wake up the next day and check the internet for local shelters. Pack the kids up and we head out. Why? Well, I still don't know why. I honestly cannot tell you, just like I couldn't tell DH why that day and that shelter I chose happened. I can tell you how the day progressed.

3 of 4 kids came with me (1 was grounded, the girl). It was a shelter devoted to puppy litters that had been abandoned. It was so sad. Anyway, the kids were excited and when we went in, pointed to one or another. I declined... too loud, too black (must not show shedding that easily-lol), too energetic, etc. I pointed to Sasha and said I'd like to see her. She showed mild interest in all of us, was relatively calm and had a beautiful red color.

(Taking a moment to insert a shameless plug for this shelter.
If you want to donate to a worthy place, this is it.)

They brought her into a seperate room with us. She laid on my youngest's lap for the first 2 minutes. Reached up, licked his chin and settled back down. It's probably important to note right now, J, my youngest, was the one pushing the hardest for another pet. After bonding with J, she got up and wandered over to...

(to be continued tomorrow)

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