Friday, February 13, 2009

NQR means, Not Quilt Related

Why would I bother to tell you this? Well, because I have found myself feeling the desire to ramble lately about something other than quilts. I mean, I still want to ramble about quilts but there are other things, important things, on my mind, like whether or not to eat a fudgsicle as soon as I'm done typing this post, that I want to write about.

Anyway, for those of you who read all my wonderful, intelligent and insightful posts for the lessons you learn from them or for those of you (likely all of you) who read to laugh at me like I'm laughing at myself while I travel on this quilting journey, I'm giving you fair warning so you do not have to read the non-quilting posts. :)

And there's the why and, if we're truly honest, an NQR post really means it's a, "read only if you are really bored" kind of post!

Today's topic: APPLE BUTTER

oh, mmmm... have you had this stuff? I'm losing weight.

See how I said that?

Not, "I'm trying to lose weight," but, "I am losing weight." If I think it, it will be.

NO! Don't start adding in the whole, exercise so it will be comments, this post is not about that. Maybe tomorrow. Today, it's about apple butter. Were you just skimming earlier instead of reading every word? Geez...

The apple butter I have consists of apple and cinnamon. All natural. Healthy as a condiment. I'm bored with salads, I don't want sandwich bread, so I go for a whole wheat small wrap today. I have deli turkey, 98% fat free. I think... gee, why not? Wraps alone are nasty dry to me. So I add apple butter, turkey, and for crunch and flavor (oh, yeah, and for some vitamins), I add baby leaf spinach, tomato and cucumber.

Oh my, it was good! I forgot black pepper, that would have helped but what a great idea. Now I'm thinking the whole "butter" thing is a good idea... puree a select fruit or veggie as your "moist condiment," add some seasonings or spices and go to town with your wrap ingredients.

Who knew apple butter had the power to turn me onto sandwich wraps? That says a lot to me and now I'm thinking of creative ways to get veggies and wraps together, maybe with some protein.

Not a moment too soon, too, b/c I need to change things up for more variety!


Tracy said...

Clever discovery - and it totally makes sense, now that you mention it.

That might even be inspiring enough for me to say, "I'm losing weight."


Anonymous said...

that's a wonderful idea .. just a note of caution tho - use in moderation or your 98% fat free won't be working fat free for you ..

that is a great way to dress up dry boring foods .. wonderful idea there!!

as an added side .. i chop up apples and put it in my tuna - that way i use less mayo and gives a really nice flavour to the tuna :) try it, you'll like it.


mbskpj0123 said...

oh, Grace, the apples are a great idea for tuna. And as for the meat itself, if you only knew how little I use. I'm a 1 slice of bologna or cheese kind of person. when talking about the paper thin pieces I put on the wrap (and I mean, see through paper thin), it's only 3 slices. :) I always pick out the extra meat from store sandwiches.