Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Another one down, another one down..."

the rest of Queen's lyrics state, "another one bites the dust" but I can't really say this bit the dust because it's done, complete, finished!

J's quilt is officially complete with lime green fleece backing and folded over binding. But before show you details, I have a question.

Does anything look familiar between these two photos?

The minute I fnish a quilt and lay it to photograph, and at no other time during the quilting process when I'm sorting layout, cutting backing to size, etc., does she come to lay on the quilt. Only when I set up for photos. Either she loves the camera or she's part cat and knows when to be where she's not necessarily wanted.

Now details. J wanted a bunch of different colors and fabrics and the only way we could agree to incorporate them all was to use the attic window motif. J then chose the quilting design and it was all done in a purple thread. I think his designing abilities are great! He only needed a small bit of guidance for me but the rest, him. Maybe one day, we will start creating complete patterns and quilts together! hehe

And here's J sharing with the pups, even now, as I type this, the 3 of them have moved to the chair in the corner and are vying for space on the quilt.


Tracy said...

Great quilt and great quilting! If I don't "Magic Eye" it, the prints look like they're popping out of the quilt, all 3-D-like! very cool!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

thank you. The best part of this quilt and the red & black flying geese quilt and, finally, my daughter's quilt (coming soon) are the kids had a full hand in choosing patterns, colors, quilting motifs and threads. It's as much their creation as mine. :)

Tammy from said...

That is a really nice quilt. The Attic Windows design was perfect to tie all the fabrics together. Your dogs must be part cat because that is exactly what my cats do!