Friday, May 29, 2009

A Confession, a delivery and a QUILT ALONG

Remember I went shopping earlier this week? Well, guess what arrived. It's the items from my Cafe Press order. It's my first order from there so I learned the T-shirt is a little thin but then, for the price it makes sense. The mug, I love.

Now, here's the confession, I listened to the Bitchy Stitcher's advice and didn't drink and quilt.

However, that martini, well, I DID drink and cut. Tonight it looks nice and even but I can't vouch for what will happen when I'm told to do something with the cut strips next week during the quilt along at Old Red Barn Co.

If you haven't joined, there's still time! It's 6 weeks long and we are only finishing the second week (selecting fabric, I'm using mom's old stash, and cutting into strips.) Go check it out, the link is on my sidebar.

Now, I raise my glass and toast to all the quilters out there tonight who are NOT drinking and quilting.


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Carmen Thomas said...

Okay, I have to comment! Just too funny, and love pic with the wine and your new cup. While agree with the no quilting whilst imbibing in nectar (like who can see straight enough to quilt, but then, ever wonder how crazy quilting really came about? Or wonky cut, sew and slash techniques? ROFLMBO) I will do my fair share of cutting whilst toasting my strips :) Gosh do I have a "lots, and lots" of scraps LOL
Carmen, OST co-owner