Wednesday, June 3, 2009

JoJo (NQR)

JoJo (aka Joey) has acclimated pretty well into our family. He and Sasha play regularly every day. He's had a few little adjustment issues, I've caught him a couple times now getting too curious with the table or counter but then again, learning house manners is why he's here so hooray, we are working it right off the bat. His worst times are when I delay breakfast and take the kids to school, then he's gotten into something when I return home. I have yet to learn my lesson on that one, I think. Just happened again this morning! He's still learning that the kids' or my ears, hair (nibbles and nips at those) are not play things (loves to bump me from behind to try to get me to play.)

I'm including photos of the dogs.

Finally, but not least, today, I've decided all Vizslas are part cat. First, Sasha MUST test every quilt I complete before I can photograph it. I lay it down to take pictures and she's on it.

Then today, JoJo came flying into the house, reminding me I forgot I put them outside about 30 minutes before (got sucked into work). I went to get Sasha and saw JoJo had something in his mouth. A turtle! He brought a turtle home. Now, to get a turtle, he'd have to have left the yard, the property, likely he went down the street to the creek that runs under the road. -sigh- It's lucky we live on a very quiet street and it's a good reminder to me not to forget when I let them out.

He was so proud, though, all I could do is laugh and have him take it back outside. Once he let it go, he earned a great little bacon treat. -

Poor turtle...

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