Thursday, October 1, 2009

One week quilt marathon - Part 1

I have been needing to get 2 quilts done for family members for a party on Sunday, Oct. 4th. Life interrupted again and before I knew it, it was Sat., Sept 26 and neither were started!


I quickly loaded the easy one onto the frame. This was a no sew kit I bought for my soon to be 4-yr old niece, Savannah. Otherwise known as "Bananas."

I promised her a monkey quilt for her birthday 2 months ago when I saw it and yes, she remembers these things! So here it is. A few hours after all the kids' football games to whip it up and bind it and one quilt down!

I'm finishing the next quilt for my Aunt today, quilting and binding and sending them both overnight to my sister for Sunday delivery. Pics of that one tomorrow.

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Pat said...

Hi -- Barb in American Samoa was just in touch with me via Facebook and asked me to go on her blog and get her mailing address to all who asked for it so they can send things to help with the devastation there. Please email me at so I can email that information to you. (You don't have an email address here on your blog for me to do that directly.) Barb is very appreciative of your willingness to help but she doesn't think her emails are getting out of there, so I am trying to help get the information out to all who want it.