Sunday, December 6, 2009

I miss my stove

I am in TN and renting a house. My house in VA has, hands-down, the best kitchen in my home in VA. I love the rest of my home but my kitchen made me want to get in and cook/bake/experiment. My stove in VA, is the BEST.

I say this b/c I've been tolerating the oven/stovetop in our rental. We are making due but two weeks ago, it crapped out on me and the stove doesn't heat up past 200 any longer. Christmas is coming! I want to bake cookies ahead of time, I want to bake dinners so I have time to finish my work during my busy time of the year. But no...

(Complaining is almost over, I promise.)

I went to the local Wally-world the other day and found a mozzarella/proscuitto/basil roll and just had to buy it. Just tonight, as an appetizer, I cut it up cold, put on a wheat cracker, opened a great red wine and am enjoying myself.

But it's bitter sweet. This is good but store bought and sometimes, homemade with a little warming (melting) over toasted bread is best. I really miss my stove. I miss the tomato appetizers I make regularly that my kids all love.


Here's what I love. I LOVE sweet basil. MMMMMMMMMMM....
I love fresh sage.
I love fresh parsley.
I love onions, garlic and chives.
I love herbs!

I love food. ;)

Time to get back to back to this quilting thing. I've finished day 1 of a 2 day class and now I have homework. I'll work on that and show you all my results when the class is finally over.

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