Friday, December 18, 2009

J does it again - teacher gift

My youngest, J, has the quilting bug! He may deny it but if I try hard, I might be able to keep him interested even through his teen years. :)

His teacher loves bright color. He enjoys his teacher and her class. He decided he wanted to make her a wall-hanging for Christmas. We browsed some blogs/photos/patterns and saw one (can't remember where) which gave J and I the basis for what was created. I picked the layout, J designed it and choose all the colors (and most of the fabric).

He helped sew the blocks, I added the sashing and the decorative stitching. He helped with the quilted "X"s.

I'm dang proud of this kid and he's proud of himself, too. He gave it to his teacher (which made her cry, he said) and then she showed it to the principal (which made her cry, too)!

Hmm, I'm just glad he's learning the fastest way to a woman's heart is by being heartfelt in his giving. :D

Enjoy the photos!


Barb said...

What a wonderful wall hanging and wonderful thing to taught that young man well...

Linda B said...

That is just beautiful, both the story and the quilt. What a terrific boy you have.