Monday, November 8, 2010

2 quick quilt tops

Dear Reader,

How have you been? The Sarcastic household is doing well. Work is busy as usual. The hubs is one week away from being home for good. For those familiar with the military, this means ACAP-ing will be complete and official retirement date will be Feb. 1. So, that’s several weeks to do nothing but hunt our property (which we just decided we will extend the lease for a total of 12 months now, with additional time still to be determined) and to sort through his years of collected stuff. (Military uniforms, old police uniforms, etc. Again, those familiar with military men probably understand the mentality, “I may need it for a deployment,” or just “someday”.) I’ve gone through 4 household moves, essentially by myself, unpacking and packing. Whether we stay or move again, the next one will have FAR LESS BOXES. Yes, I mean it. It’s always been such a stress point for me and one I could hide (even though it really bugged me) in our other homes but here, the place is just too small. It may sound crazy, but it is what it is. Mostly, I don’t care if he wants to keep it all, I just want it all to have a home. That’s my wish. :)

Anyway, I am also excited because I finally got my sewing mo jo back. It’s been on hiatus but yesterday, I decided enough was enough. I made this top for a co-worker of mine. She’s a sweet lady who truly deserves to be reminded to enjoy her downtime. The Moda Make Life line was perfect. I just wanted something simple so I took fat quarters and made this top. I will back it with that wonderfully soft minkee! A butter yellow one, I think. Just perfect to cuddle under and read, I hope. Or, keep at her desk if she wants a little comfort at the office.
This second quilt is a quilt for a one year old for Christmas. Or rather, it might be. I think it’s better suited for a toddler given the chenille. Regardless, from the time I designed it to sewing it, I have not been a fan. My kids say it looks good (and please note, it’s not laying too flat in the photo since I just threw it down) but I am not convinced. My thought for the quilting was wavy lines in the sashing. Up ad down on the brown, side to side on the green and blue. Then stipple and shadow outline in the wonky blocks. I doubt I’ll give it to the original recipient but then, maybe by the time I quilt it I’ll like it again. If not, I have to figure something else out. Ugh…
Either way, two more tops done and waiting to be quilted.

So I ask again, how have you been, my dear reader?

Warm Regards,


Barb said...

Wow, you are getting stuff done, the quilts are just wonderful.

One time I had five little ones, we moved to Florida with a new job, my husband dumped me off at our place of residence and had to be in another part of the state for a meeting. He left me with check to be deposited in the bank...unfortunately, I could not get them cashed. We had no money, no was amazing. I just went into Sam's club and charged all our was great....we ate wonderfully while he was gone...HA~!!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

So it's time to get excited about your new life huh?

I love the Make Life quilt. Your colleague is gonna be so happy! I might have to try some of that minkee for a winter wuilt next year!

What is it you dont like about the chenille quilt? I think you should go ahead and quilt it and see how you feel about it then. Wasnt it you who said (or words to this effect - you never know what it's going to be like till you wash it?"

Take the leap girl!

Gari said...

Wow, a whole new life is coming for you two, how exciting. And I am so glad you got your sewing mojo back. Welcome back.

Stray Stitches said...

Love the two quilt tops. I don't envy you on having to pack up and move. I'm having to empty three rooms to have carpeting layed and I'm about ready to go into panic mode just doing that - lol!