Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A hubs brag

First, you all convinced me. I'll keep plugging through on the random pieced top and will have photos for you by the end of today or early tomorrow to show how it turned out. 

Now, onto the real business.  At the bottom of this post are photos of the hubs with his two latest freezer additions. Please don't look or read further if that bothers you or reading about hunting bothers you. It's not gory but it could upset any of you who really just aren't fans.

The brag. Each year the hubs gets together with a group of friends and hunts Elk on Elk Mountain in WY. He got his doe elk yesterday.  The hunt details (feel free to share with your interested hubbies):

There's not much cover. The elk have the eyesight of turkeys and the nose of a deer. They can pick you out on the mountain over a mile away and it's hard to sneak up on big herds. A lot of eyes at different angles and elevations.  (Herds can be up to 800 large.) Often, when a hunter sees the herd on one side of the mountain he has to go up and over the other side to get to them without them breaking away. Not hubs, he worked up the same side willing himself to take three steps, stop and rest, take three steps, rest. 

The snow was up to his hips.  He started at 6500 ft elevation, and shot up the mountain, on a moving doe at aroudn 7900ft.  He hiked about a mile over ridges and down through valleys of deep snow to find a shooting lane within range. He took a 355 yd shot uphill with a 20mph wind differential and brought her right down.

His friend (and thankfully 4 of the 6 got their elk yesterday) equated elk hunting to pro football and deer hunting to pee wee football. The 6 guys were only able to drag 2 elk down the mountain yesterday. Will drag the other 2 down today then help the last 2 guys find and hunt their elk tomorrow until they get theirs.  The hubs said I should come experience it next year. Then said it really tests your man-hood.   It was easy for me to reply that since I'm not a man, there's no need to test it, I've already failed.  :)

All in all, a successful week for the hubs and he's bringing home the meat! Before he got to WY, he stopped at a friend's in NE and got us a pheasant. I've never had pheasant so this will be a nice new flavor to try. Way to go, my man.  I knew I married a provider, one way or the other! Now, when you are done, you can get warm by going south and getting some wild boar for our freezer. Pork, it's what I want for dinner. (A man's work is never done and a woman is never satisfied. lol)



Rhonda said...

way to go hubs!
hunting family here but we go for moose in Northern BC Canada :)

Michelle said...

I don't have any problem with hunting as long as it's not an endangered species, and the hunter eats what he kills. So glad your husband's elk hunt was such a success!

Kelley O said...

Great job - major thumbs up to the hubby. We hunt also but we live on 80 acres and the herd comes right up to the house. We can walk out on the porch to hunt practically so I have never experienced the stalking and freezing part of the hunt! We also don't have to drag it out of the woods. Guess we have it easy!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Congratulations to the hubs. That's one large beastie!

Not sure if I'd be keen to wander round in the snow being THAT patient. Gorgeous scenery though.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm going to have to send this post to my husband - he'll be so jealous! blessings, marlene

P. said...

Good for the hubs (and you)! I love venison, but I've never had elk. You will love the pheasant. It's pretty close to chicken, IMO, but better!

Kirsten's Cooking said...

love elk meat and pheasant! you lucky girl! what a guy - that's one large cow!!!

I'm way too much of a wimp to ever want to hike in hip-deep snow, brave freezing temps and patiently stalk something! Your husband must be mentally very tough - perfect for his vocation!

We scored zero in the hunting dept this year - disappointing for the guys, less expensive at the butcher shop! :)