Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Mail

I am a horrible, horrible, horrible pen pal.  Even an email pal, I am hit ir miss, on or off.  Sometimes I think if I lived in Elizabethean times, I'd have been friendless because I'd never get around to writing a card of invitation!

Thank goodness for Mr. Bell.

Still, in starting my quilting, I've come to realize, I love the mail. I even don't mind sending mail (which was a chore even when I wanted to send care packages to the hubs overseas).  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sending fabric or surprises and I like getting them, too.

I ordered batting from Connecting Threads the other day and I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival along with a package of fat eights. (BTW, it was a 30% off sale on batting if you need some.)

I also ordered a pattern and two small pieces of fabric from Hancock's of Paducah. I love Hancock's of Paducah and nevermind there is a Hancock's down the way a bit from me, it's just not the same. Well, within 3 days, I had my order sitting outside my door. YES, THANK YOU HANCOCKS!

The pattern, I love it and am going to have to work very hard not to start it until I clear out some of these UFOs.

I'm eagerly waiting for my "swap" surprise to arrive and I've sent my mug rugs out and they have been received by my partner. She says she likes them and that makes me happy. It's a bit nerve racking while you wait for a complete stranger's verdict on your work. lol

So, today, this Friday, one of my favorite thing is mail.  Go on over to the link on the side of my blog to see many other favorites!



Mary Lou Casada said...

Is it from being in the country, do you think? The trip out to the mailbox is a highlight of the day for us! LOL and has been since I was a kid. Or does everybody like mail? I think that's one of the reasons I sign up for Blocks of the Month -- mail!! :-D Great word, Beck!
Mary Lou

Barb said...

Oh....I love the mail too....looks like you are waiting with anticipation....

Michelle said...

Nothing better than squishy mail. :-)

Thea said...

Mail is wonderful .. I've always been a lousy letter writer myself, so I rarely get anything.

The only time I was able to keep up was when my son was in Iraq/Afghanistan and I sent him a package every couple of weeks. I didn't have to write. I think he even got so much he was throwing stuff away...

Shay said...

I love quilty mail, personal mail any thing that needs a postie to deliver it mail.

There's something so exciting knowing someone sent you something that you're going to love - it makes me lament that we dont write letters more these days.

I can completely identify with your FTF this week.

Elizabeth said...

I've always loved mail! I love getting a fun package (currently waiting for some china I ordered on eBay) and I love making packages to send. I know exactly what you meant -- LOVE it! Great FTF!

xo -El

Kate said...

The mail is definitely a favorite. Even though I'm still on a fabric diet, there are still fun quilty things that come in the mail. Great FTF

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

What a wonderful FTF I love to write letters and even more get letters except for bills)

Marg said...

I especially love the mail now that I order all my beautiful fabrics and patterns from overseas. It's wonderful seeing a parcel in the mailbox.
I am very bad at writing letters now, although pretty good at writing emails. Before the internet Bitchypoos dad was posted overseas and we used to write to each other every day, I still have all the letters we both sent.
Not that I read them though!
I wait just as eagerly these days for emails from friends.
A great FTF.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm curious about why you ordered batting from Connecting Threads when Hancocks is down the it cheaper? blessings, marlene