Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The mail was good to me today

Yep, today my batting arrived. I will now have to get on with quilting those larger quilts in my UFO list.

I also received my first package of insul-bright batting. I wanted to try some coffee mug warmers, etc.  We will see how it goes. I only bought a little while it was on sale to test it out.

In addition to the batting, I bought a fat eighth sampler of fabric from Connecting Threads, "Sip of Summer".  Isn't it fun and bright?
Guess what else arrived today?  My mug rugs!
I'm certain it's poor form to post here first instead of sending a thank you email to my partner but I can't help it. They are too cute and I want to share.  Look at what she did!
She also sent some goodies.  I can tell you, the fat quarters are right up my alley, the cookie will be gone before the night is out (white tin) and the red hots have been claimed by the kids.  The cappucino was promptly opened and I made quick use of the rugs.  See?
Thank you, Nicole! I love the rugs, the simple yet colorful design and the little goodies.  They are very much appreciated.
And also, please know, I'll be keeping you and your hubs and kids and the rest of those soldiers in my prayers while they are so far from home. I will never forget those days and hope you are able to stay sane while you work through them yourself! God bless!



Nicole said...

I am happy you like them.

Shay said...

Woah ! I need my sunglasses to look at those gorgeous eye popping fabrics.

Cute mug rugs and lovely extra goodies.

How much batting exactly did you buy?

Kate said...

I have some of the Sip of Summer fabrics, I especially love the white with the purple and orange flowers.

Very cute mug rugs and fun goodies. The mailman was very good to you indeed!

Barb said...

I love insul bright....works great...hope you enjoy it too.

Love your fabrics and gifties..

Stray Stitches said...

Isn't that yummy fabric from Connecting Threads? I made two candle mats using that line. The mug rugs and extras you received are wonderful - lucky you!!