Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you watching my blog...

oh sister of mine?   I think you might be and if you are, you should know, I AM working on these still. I hope V likes the end product b/c I will have quit quilting from all the effort on this one and I won't be able to make her another. 

The desire to give up comes in small bits at a time. Usually when I make a block like this:
and they are supposed to be like this:
Now, for what else I'm up to, I've made these beauties for some embroidery work. I have to catch up in this Little Birdie Stitch Along.
I'm about to cut up these for the Clover & Violet Stitch Along (althought admittedly, these stitching projects are more for when I'm in the car travelling or just want the occasional handiwork.)

What are you up to this fabulous July?

Cheers! Beck


Barb said...

You are a busy little gal over those blocks!

Kate said...

Beautiful projects! Love the colors in the paper pieced project!

Barbara said...

Love that twisty paper pieced block. I haven't made it yet - but a friend made one for me and she said it took her 2 times to make one good one! yikes! How many are you going to make?

Shay said...

I see some Lakehouse in that bottom picture. I've been coveting Fun Flowers since it came out.

Im thinking I need another stitch along, so I may heave to check out the Little Birdie one...darn you!I love the fabrics you've used to border those blocks.

Looks like you've got passel of projects on the go.

Im sure V will love the quilt once it's finished....if you dont go postal before then.

Andrea said...

beautiful work!

Ann Marie said...

i love that twisty block, and if you put those two together it gives you another look, so it is best to make the blocks both ways for a more interesting quilt

Myra said...

Awesome works going on in your sewing room there Beck!!
Great blocks, but what a pain when you've finished a block, only to find it opposite to others... 8-(
Have fun with your Birdie stitches!