Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sewing Room, Sewing Summit & Creating Your Own Nametag

First I have to say my sewing room has been coming together as has the rest of the house unpacking (work is not letting me move as quickly as I normally would.)

Here's a before picture of the sewing room.
Here are a couple from yesterday.  Not bad.

Now, onto some really fun news. I'm attending The Sewing Summit this weekend. My first retreat, ever, and I can't wait! I plan to enjoy meeting new people, improving my skills, and exploring a city I've never been to. Salt Lake City, UT, here I come!  (So who else is going?)

Lastly, as part of the retreat, someone made the note they were making their own nametag. I thought, "oh, nametag, that's probably a good idea." Then I remembered I hated wearing a nametag. 

Then I realized it wouldn't do to try to network & meet people if I didn't put myself out there and bank on the name (ha!) I've made for myself in blogosphere. So, I forged ahead and tried to decide what kind of nametag represented me. I thought, paper-piecing might be good. So I crafted a basic PP piece and decided I'd use the sewing machine to write my name. Quicker being right up my alley.


the machine had other ideas.  I wanted to use the batting as a stabilizer. The machine disagreed with that approach. It was fine if I was sewing letters on the fabric only (when practicing) but not so great when I tried with batting behind the cotton.  This is the 3rd try. 
I decided I was not picking out these stitches and chucked it.   I decided I would live with a paper name tag stuck to my shirt.

Then I saw the Sewing Summit Flickr group photos of name tags made and felt inspired to try again.  I cut the practice pieces and tested placement on fabric.

 I ended up sewing them onto a piece of fabric in an off-kilter way. I decided it fit my desired plan of "getting my name tag to give a first impression of me." I do not sew perfect items, it's not always neat or pristine. This is definately a good first impression of my skills. LOL

So what do you think?

I'm proud of it and would say, the lesson here is, when you want to quit. Step back and see if inspiration hits again.  It just might!



Rachel said...

I love it!! I hope you will pin it on with a quilting safety pin!! What fun! Have a fantastic time!

Lisa said...

Oh lucky you! I wanted to go to the Sewing Summit, but it just didn't work this time. I hope you will give us a full report! Tons of pictures and lots of fabric. Great name tag. You will have a ball.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love it! I recently made name tags for me and my friend who helped me with a craft fair by printing our names on muslin using freezer paper and my printer, then piecing some selvages around the edges and putting them together with some batting and backing and a safety pin. They turned out so cute. The selvages I used were from Deb Strain's Makin' New Friends line which I thought was appropriate!

Have a fun time at the Sewing Summit...someday I'm going to do something like that!


Shevvy said...

I didn't know you had a frame, I'm so jealous. And all that fabric under it! So neat and tidy. It is a lovely sewing room, enjoy it and the retreat.

Shay said...

I love it - you're such a whizz. It reflects you perfectly.

Kristie from Obsessive Crafting Disorder is going to the sewing summit . I told her to look out for you and give you a hug from me if she catches up with you since Im not there to do it myself!

grendelskin said...

I love it, it would have been boring if you'd left it all straight lines. Look for me in SLC, I'll be looking for you! I'm also going alone, first retreat, all that jazz; I think there are lots of us going solo.

Barb said...

How long will you be gone? What fun for you....you are not unhappy with me are you?

Love the name tag. Have a great time!! Love your sewing room...when can I come and play?

Marg said...

Love your name tag, it's perfect. Hope you have lots of fun at the summit.
Remember to take lots of pics.
When you've finished at the summit can you pop on over to my place to sort out my sewing space, pretty please.

Kelli said...

Sewing room looks great and I love your name tag!

Gari said...

Great idea. I have never thought of having my blog name on my nametag. I must try that, thanks.

Myra said...

Awesome sewing room you have, and a wonderful name tag you made!!

John'aLee said...

Oh so darling! I'm sure you will have a ball. My quilt shoppe used to be south of there about 4 hours!