Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Resolutions (or not)

This year, I'm going to write down some of my quilt-related resolutions so maybe next year, when I think about  answering the question, did I accomplish what I've set out to do in 2012, I can actually look at a list and say yes  or no.
I should rephrase. These aren't really resolutions, these are more of a list of what I'd like to get around to finishing.

- My SIL Jinney Beyer Quilt (a long time UFO that has no excuse to continue to be one)
- My stitch along blocks which will create a quilt for my other SIL.  Turns out, she really liked how they looked and the lightbulb flashed (This is the quilt I can give her).
- Quilts for my nieces (2) in FL. They haven't gotten a quilt yet and they should.
- Quilts for my nephews (2) in ME.  They haven't gotten a quilt yet and they should.
- Quilt for another SIL.  That means, a quilt for BIL also b/c he'd be left out.  SIL's is a top, started last year (the Harlequin quilt) so I know I can quilt it and be done.
- 6 Quilts for charity. My charity of choice would be QOV but I won't limit it to that one if there becomes a need for more. If time permits, I will do more.  this one is really important to me.
- The Monopoly quilt for my son.
- The postage stamp quilt.
- The double wedding ring quilt.
- 3 quilted shawls.
- 4 twin quilts & a wall hanging for a family I am fond of and want to surpise (kids and parents).

Hmm, I feel like there is more but yeah, I know that's a lot already.  Here's the thing. 1/3 of these are already started or almost done. I think I can really do this.  I just have to be disciplined, committed, and focused. Right? LOL

Oh and in the midst of all my free time, I plan to attend the Sewing Summit again this year in Oct., get to at least one more retreat, meet up more often with blog friends in real life (hopefully) and blog more regularly to keep you aprised of my happenings.

Do you think I can do it? What are your resolutions?

While you think about it, have a look at a new project of mine?
I got the idea off Pinterest but the blog link to This Thrifty House shows you the tutorial. It works well. I had to reposition a letter and what little bond stuck to the wall peeled off with a little rubbing and the paint was fine. I have 2 more walls over windows to do. I will be adding the words, "imagine" and "quilt". One either side of the word "quilt", I will add a quilt block of my choice. Once complete, I'll show you the photos but I like this decorative touch to my sewing room.



Barb said...

Oh my goodnes...love it!!!

Shay said...

Ok Im not doing resolutions this year or even really setting any long term goals. I have a few WIP's I'd like to finish but I'm not promising anything with those either.

I dont think my key word for this year is Focus.

Your list is HUGE.

I for one would like to see you round here a little more, so please keep try to work hard at that goal!

Anonymous said...

How many SIL DO you have? Sheesh!!!

Good luck to you!


rubyslipperz said...

I should be SHOT..but, I have somewhere around 50+ projects, meaning fabric and pattern ready to go. Some are kits, some not. Some are partially done, most not started. YIKES! and there always seems to be new fabrics, new patterns that call my name. =(

Last year i had a goal to make one quilt each month. I made 10. This year, I need to make at least 10 - or more. With each quilt, I will try to do something either in the piecing, or quilting...or other - using a technique that I will learn something new.

...I do enjoy the journey. But, I finish for posterity. =)

O...the Sewing Summit?! It's right here in my "backyard" =)