Monday, January 2, 2012

Out with the old...

in with the new.
Once again, I've pondered going over my year in quilting, life and blogland with you but once again, I've realized it's just not my style.  Here's what I will do.  I will tell you I started the year with great incentive and interest in the quilt world. I was going to ride a roll I'd been on in 2010 but apparently, to ride a roll, you actually have to stay on the ride. Too bad I didn't stay on the ride. Got off to attend to life's business and then some more of life's business. Quilting had to take a back seat but not anymore. I went to the Sewing Summit in October and I realized I need to be doing what I love more now than ever. 

I will still have to attend to my day job and the family but I plan to do a couple of things this year.  Before I get to that, let me pass along the fun.  Last year I posted my horoscope for 2011.  I re-read it today and well, there was this, " "This year the focus shifts from a lifestyle focused on gadgets, information and social networking to introspection, home and family."  I made a joke about not being on my blog so often, yada, yada, yada.  Um, it was right. I did get distracted from the tech stuff (and you all).

Or this, "You are about to encounter your most uncensored raw self on levels as of yet unprecedented. Ready yourself, Goat, because this spring an explosion of fiery planets in Aries sweeps the very base of your horoscope getting you back in touch with some of your most primal instincts. Competition, aggression and the need for plenty of physical outlets ensue." - I didn't exactly take up mixed martial arts but I did find a love of hunting and I haven't even gotten my own kill yet.

Hmm, I did make work more important over my domesticity this year, also.  That's three points of the horoscope that panned out. I'm not sure about all this voo doo stuff but if that worked, then I have HIGH hopes my horoscope this year is going to be good for me this year.  At least, I that's what I say now. Let's go read it, shall we? (Here's the direct Yahoo link if you want to find yours.)

"The confusion of 2011 is about to lift as clarity returns in 2012." Thank God because I really don't do well with change.
"You've no doubt been through a series of powerful metamorphoses since 2008, when Pluto took possession of your stars for the long haul." Duh.
"You're not even a quarter of the way through the 18-year shedding process that Pluto requires ..."  Shit.
"and yet you're not the same person you were just a few years ago by any stretch of the imagination." Again, duh. It's freaking impossible to be young, niave, carefree me. (Okay, I was never that way but I do know I've changed and grown a lot.)
"In some ways, you can expect this year to be a long, dramatic pause."  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Give me a chance to breath, oh stars. I really need that.

"You'll be questioning many aspects of your existence, especially your professional life. Mars, the planet of work and action, will be retrograde for the first quarter of the year in your house of higher learning and travel, putting you in a deeply introspective and philosophical mode. During this time, you'll be less inclined to hit the road than you will be to hit the books." Hmm, I started this process a little early. Since about Nov. I've been contemplating these things and when I have some news, if I have news, I'll share. in the meatime, hitting the books was on my agenda these next couple of months.  This is getting just a little strange to me.

"When the eclipse patterns stir up the winds of change for you again in spring and summer, you'll experience some major epiphanies about the new direction you need to take. The new Moon solar eclipse in your work sector brings a fresh approach to the way you go about your daily routine. And then, the full Moon lunar eclipse of June in your dream sector will bring the muse and vision to inspire you to go beyond the known. The total solar eclipse and new Moon in your goal sector in November is the final push to plant radically new seeds. There's no question that you're leaving your old life behind; it's now just a matter of faithfully emerging into the new." Here I'm a little worried, I'm not ready to faithfully emerge anywhere and I think I'm coming to a solution about what I want anand now the stars are telling me I'll change direction from where I am?  Or do they mean I'll actually be solidified in the direction I'm thinking of going now? Come on, people, you are supposed to help me interpret this stuff... clearly it's my livelihood we are discussing here. 

"Love is in the air with generous Jupiter in sister Earth sign Taurus, showering your romantic sector until June. The planet of fortune will provide ample opportunities for you to fall in love with someone new - or simply love the one you're with. Pleasure becomes a key theme for the first half of the year, providing a nice balance to your normal dutiful life."  On a lighter note, can anyone fault me for saying it's just a SHOCKER that I'd simply love the one I'm with. Oh stars, oh stars. At least there is one area you are stating the obvious.  But look, I do appreciate letting me know the first half of the year is about pleasure. Should I ask, are we talking bedroom pleasure or maybe just romantic movies that hubs would never see pleasure? I need to know, I'm an OCD Capricorn afterall, where I should and shouldn't expect pleasure (ahem, maybe I should put a little footnote here that says, "expect pleasure beyond what is considered normal for my life because hubs is absolutely wonderful in every way to me - :) ). It would not be fair of me to yell at hubs for not going to see New Year's Eve with me because you told me to expect more pleasure if you meant pleasure in the sense he was going to start cleaning the bathrooms.  A little clarity, please?

So there you have it, my year looms ahead, mostly promising. How does your horoscope look?

Happy Monday, everyone. I'll see you tomorrow with some resolutions I plan not to keep.  Wait, I mean, to keep.  Be ready, I want to hear at least one of yours, even if it's a resolution not to tell me your resolutions!


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